Viral Tips Can Also Work for Marketing

by | Nov 19, 2014

This week, iMedia Connection made a post about “2 ways to go viral – today,” and after reading through them, you can use them as general marketing tips. I suppose, “going viral” at the simplest level, is the same as having good marketing. You start with a product that people want, and then you release it into the environment and think of ways to get it in front of the people who really want it.


The first of two tips in the article is: Focus on social media tactics based on video and images. As humans, it is easier for us to communicate using visuals (pictures, videos), rather than text. Look at children: what do they learn first, to draw shapes or letters? The writer states that, “the future is visual,” and that can be most easisly seen on social media. “Images and video are the hottest ways to get noticed, and they’re incredibly sharable mediums.” If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, just go through your feed and count: when someone shares something, how many of them are articles (text heavy) or pictures and videos (image heavy)? I bet there are more shares of pictures and videos. If you want people to share your content, you might want to make it image heavy, rather than text heavy. There are so many options for visual heavy content, infographics, beautiful images, or entertaining videos. You can make your brand stand out if you invest in creative resources.


The second tip is: Use social media filters to target niche fans, not the whole world. On social media platforms, there are options to target many different demographics of people, and promote your content to these users. However, if you’re tyring to reach all of these groups, you are going to fail and probably never ignite the your viral fire. As Travis says, imagine that marketing is like trying to get your customers soaking wet. If you are splashing every person with a cup full of water, you’re never going to get someone soaking. You need to be using buckets on a more select group of people. Target niche groups of people and speak directly to them, and that should increase your chances of being noticed by the right people – people interested in your brand.


At Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska, our production department can work with you to develop original, broadcast quality videos. Whether your video should be entertaining, informative, funny, or inspiring… we can help you develop the right type to effectively connect with your customers.  After all, ‘it all comes down to trust and results.’


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