Brain within a light bulb

How Does The Bean Team Stay Up-To-Date on Marketing Trends?

Here at TM, we’re always looking for sources and methods to continue our education, follow trends and stay ahead of the learning curve. Here are a few of our favorite websites and sources that help us stay sharp. April: There are several online publications and resources that I utilize on a regular basis to keep me […]

The 45 day fealing of failure


In regards to the alliteration in the title…I’m sorry. I seriously could NOT help myself. With that said… The following is based on nothing more than my personal experiences in the workforce – there’s no science behind it (that I’m aware of, anyway), which means that it’s all anecdotal. But…after 25+ years of always being […]

Presents and gift bags

Holiday Marketing 101

Research shows that 61 percent of shoppers are willing to buy from new stores during the holidays. Time is of the essence during the holiday season, as many people procrastinate buying gifts and leave themselves with less time and more urgency. This provides marketers with a double-edged sword: provide customers with content, but don’t waste […]