The Best Christmas Ads To Inspire Your 2023 Holiday Campaign

It’s December again, marking the season of gift-giving. Marketers are buckling down to launch their holiday campaigns in time for the surge of shoppers. They’re pulling out all the stops for their ads, further intensifying the competition between brands.

Christmas ads are on another level. They’ll either tug at your heartstrings or have you smiling from ear to ear. If your creative juices aren’t flowing yet, here are the best Christmas commercials from last year to inspire your 2023 ads.

“Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas” by Asda

Elf is a classic Christmas movie, loved for its message of kindness, positivity, and valuing relationships. So, it was wise of Asda to feature Buddy the Elf as the main character in their Christmas commercial.

In the ad, Buddy is applying to be the newest employee in the store. He makes a bit of a mess at the start. But in the end, he manages to give the store a beautiful Christmas makeover. This commercial teaches marketers to bring joy back to their campaigns. It never hurts to make customers smile.

“The List” by McDonald’s

This tear-jerking commercial by McDonald’s features a young boy excited for Christmas. He spends his time making an extensive list of everything he wants. It gets so long that it trails behind him and snakes around his home. Unfortunately, it accidentally blows away in the wind.

To console him, his parents take him to McDonald’s. The boy realizes that with his family, he has everything he needs. He pulls out a ripped piece of paper, the only part of his list he managed to hold onto. On the piece of paper is a drawing of him with his mom and dad.

“Joy Is Made” by Amazon

Amazon’s Christmas commercial highlights the love of a father for his daughter. It shows a young girl obsessed with her snow globe. She brings it everywhere, including to school, the dining table, and her bed.

The father doesn’t belittle his daughter’s love for this object. Instead, he surprises his daughter with something special. With the help of neighbors and a paper shredder from Amazon, the dad creates a life-size version of the snow globe. It’s a reminder to create joy for the people we love.

“The Gift” by Disney

If you’re a Disney fan, you know they don’t shy away from emotional commercials. In this moving story, a little girl worries that she’s losing the love of her pregnant mother. But even though the mother can’t give her as much attention, other family members step in to make her feel safe and loved.

When the girl meets her new sibling for the first time, she’s overwhelmed with love. She starts her new role as a big sister by giving the baby her favorite Mickey Mouse toy.

“That Is One Dirty Soda, Santa” by Pepsi

Last year, Pepsi and milk became a popular combination, thanks to TikTok. “Pilk” seems like an odd concoction, but many tried it and liked it. Pepsi took advantage of the trend, creating a Christmas commercial that featured this drink.

In the ad, Santa enters Lindsay Lohan’s home and finds milk and cookies ready for him. He makes the drink better by pouring Pepsi into it. Lindsay comes down the stairs, takes a sip, and calls it “one dirty soda.” Pepsi created the hashtag #PilkandCookies to go with the commercial.

Connect With Consumers This Christmas

You don’t need a massive budget or a whole production team to create a successful holiday campaign. The point is to connect with consumers and spread a little cheer! For more information, you can contact Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896.

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