The Importance of TV & Radio Advertising [Infographic]

I love statistics and data, but let’s be honest… straight data and numbers can be kind of boring, So let’s jazz them up by dropping in some fun graphics on a complementary color theme. Our designer, Heather calls it an “infographic,” I called her an ambulance, because her skills are sick!


Please take some time to look over the infographic and absorb all the great information it has for you. I am going to cover a couple of the points that I found most impressive.


Fifty-three percent of consumers say that a TV ad has influenced them to make a purchase in the past 12 months. If percentages still work like they used to when I was in school, over half of consumers have been influenced by a TV ad to the extent of causing a purchase. Along with being influential, consumers also find TV ads to be more trustworthy. Again, over half of consumers find TV ads trustworthy. In fact, it is a bit higher than half, 62 percent of consumers trust television ads (if we want to be exact).


Now let’s talk a little about radio: the second most powerful advertising medium in the US. Radio reaches 59 percent (again, over half) of the population each day! I thought for sure that all of the horrible, teeny-bopper pop had chased every last listener from radio, but it obviously hasn’t.


Let’s play a game, let’s say you have to place an ad, and you have to choose between radio and a billboard. Which do you choose? Do you need more time? Really? 49 percent of US consumers listen to the radio in the 30 minutes before arriving at a store VS 21 percent seeing a billboard. So, almost half (so, so close to half) of consumers are listening to the radio before going to make purchase, but only a measly 21 percent will see a billboard. Why would a business prioritize buying billboards over radio? I want you to be successful, so you just need to stop with that non-sense. 21 percent… that isn’t even a quarter! There is no reason to throw money away trying to get a quarter LESS THAN A QUARTER of consumers, when radio will get your ad in front of almost (could easily round up to) 50 percent!


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