Top Viral Ad Videos – Oct 2014

by | Oct 30, 2014

It is the end of October, so of course we are all thinking about Halloween here at Transformation Marketing. I have found a few TV and online ads that have been running recently, which all have a Halloween theme to them. Check them all out below.


Horror Movie: It’s What You Do; GEICO  (1,639,000 views)

GEICO has been fairly consistent with entertaining advertising since 2000, when they introduced the Gecko on television. They have recently started running this gem. The premise is they take all of the brain-less decisions made by characters in horror movies, and they amp the idiocy up to 11. I love the chainsaw curtain – what a great visual! Honestly, if you have 10 or 20 chainsaws, what else would you do with them… other than hang them up as a chainsaw curtain? As you’ll see when you’re watching this ad, these kids are just asking to get in trouble. As GEICO’s spokesman finishes his plug, you hear a chainsaw rev up and one of the ladies yell, “HEAD FOR THE CEMETARY!” Soooo stupid, but so funny! Also, does anyone else think the ‘murderer’ looks like actor, Robert Davi – the guy who played bad-guy, Jake Fratelli in The Goonies? I know it isn’t him, but I think they have a similar look (read: “creeper”).




Web – Extended Version; Skittles (130,000 views)

Lately, Skittles commercials have been…ummm… weird… like, pretty weird. Like their others, this Halloween spot does not skimp on the weirdness. I like that the giant spider wears a top hat and fake moustache. I’m guessing he’s going as a ‘gentleman’ for his costume. I bet he could have gone out without the hat and moustache – he is a giant spider, he easily could have been getting free drinks all night if he would have gone downtown – but he seems to be a festive guy committed to the holiday. I can respect that. I really liked the plot twist around the 17 second mark, and I really, really liked the double plot twist at the end. Enjoy.





Halloween; IKEA (3,840,000 views)

I really only have two things to write about this ad: 1) Whoever directed it must be a massive fan of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. 2) Much like its inspiration, this is a surprisingly creepy video to watch. I am honestly not a big enough fan of the movie to fully appreciate all of the hidden homages to the film in this commercial, but I can recognize a few, and I am going to guess that there are way more. I really like the “REDRUG” written on the wall, right next to a… well, red rug. If you are a fan of the film, keep an eye out for more easter eggs. (I read this online, so I can’t take any credit for finding it, but the clock on screen-left, which can be seen most clearly at around the 1:05 mark, is stuck at 2:37. I think this has significance in the film. I believe, it’s one of the room numbers.) Anyway, can you think of a better way to advertise that you’re open until 11pm?





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