“Value Add” is the Name of the Game for Marketers During the Covid Crisis – Part 2

by | Aug 4, 2020

As you know, last week wrote a blog about ‘“Value Add” is the Name of the Game for Marketers During the Covid Crisis.We shared how we’ve been able to better serve our clients and how we’ve sought out more opportunities. This week, we’ll continue on this topic of value adding as we talk about being trained and ready, increasing communication, and getting creative during Covid. So, read on to learn more about what the Bean Team has done in the past few months…

Being Trained and Ready

Our clients depend on us to be trained and ready to handle their marketing, navigate the current market conditions, and position them for the best opportunities for growth. We have been busy doing that!

Just as the market conditions are changing rapidly, strategies should also. Our firm has attended more training in Q1 this year than all of 2019 combined! With over 70 hours of additional training in just these past 2 months, we have positioned ourselves to be stronger and more agile for our clients. These trainings have focused on additional skillsets, the business climate, the future of business, selling now and beyond, government stimulus plans, marketing in a crisis, economic outlooks, leadership, prospecting, programmatic buying, and retention.

Whenever we learn for ourselves, it helps others. And, being able to Zoom from one meeting to the next has cut down on our commute time, too (we’re trying to see the positives here!)

Increased Communication

We all get busy and one thing this time has reminded us of is to be deliberate with our time. Our intentions are always good to have seamless and fluid communication but, let’s face it – it seems like the days seem to do nothing but get shorter and shorter. Knowing that things are changing rapidly, we have diligently opened up more frequent communication with our clients and prospects and, as such, they have been more open to exploring new ideas and tackling the new challenges they’re facing. This time has thrown us ALL into new territory and, for many, it has been a time of good change and has forced us to explore new ideas, topics, and methodologies in very new and incredibly creative ways.

While communication with our clients has increased, the communication on behalf of our clients has increased, too. Many of our clients are in the medical field and there has been constant change for them. For instance telehealth was newly adopted by some and that added service needed to be shared with the public and their patients as quickly as possible. Fortunately, they could depend on Transformation Marketing to always be there for them with timely social posts, website updates, and mass communication channels.

Being Creative

Challenges force us to be creative and think outside the norm, which is good because let’s face it…NO ONE knows what the norm is lately! We felt that sometimes people just needed a reason to smile so we have been very deliberate in our creation of fun social interactions that could be deployed throughout the community.  One idea that came to fruition was based off one of the most popular pandemic binge watch series, The Tiger King. We had 2 people dress up like a tiger and the King and then go out to take pictures around town. The campaign grew into one where they went out weekly and, if someone saw them and took a photo with them – and then posted the photo on social media and tagged our client – they would get a coupon for a free pizza.

Fun photo and free pizza for the creative win!!!

Now, some creativity isn’t always so photogenic…sometimes it is strategic, and new strategies can create great wins for our clients. For example, a medical client of ours offers direct primary care at a fraction of the cost of other medical care options and has perfected tele-visits, text communication and email channels as the backbone of their practice before the word “pandemic” was even uttered from the masses. We have been able to use this time to communicate and market that at this practice you can receive quality healthcare and discounted prescriptions and procedures for less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill. At a time where people may be quarantined or out of work, the timing couldn’t have been better for people to consider something new! This message was updated on their website content, social platforms and delivered through programmatic buying and Connected TV to specific audiences making the cost low and the returns high! And, it’s a win-win for all parties – more individuals have access to affordable healthcare, and the practice is able to continue to build their patient base and serve more folks in the community!

We are beyond proud to have been positioned in a way that we could be of value and serve our clients during this time, being able to be their trusted source for information and partner for their growth. If you are looking for these attributes in a marketing partner but haven’t found it- we aren’t surprised. We aren’t unicorns but we are a rare breed 🙂 Give us a call- our full team is in the office ready to serve!


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