“Value Add” During the Covid Crisis

by | Jul 29, 2020

Value add is a term we use often with traditional media buys. You would create a schedule based on a percent “value add”, which are additional free spots that may land in unsold inventory.

However, that term is so much more than that- especially as of recent! Over the course of the last few months we’ve seen companies offering value add items, discounts, and special terms to not only appeal to buyers, but to also create a good company image during these strange times of Covid. We’ve watched ads that often times just made you feel better about the product or company knowing they cared (if the creative was done well…if not, then they’re totally cringe-worthy)…which is EXACTLY the point!

In the beginning, I would rack my brain on how we could show how much we care here at Transformation Marketing. I started to get frustrated that our company had “nothing cool” to offer. And, I’ll be honest – it took me stepping away for a few moments to fully realize that I needed to stop comparing my company to everyone else…instead, I needed to see what was right in front of me the whole time!

At Transformation Marketing we ALWAYS care, and we ALWAYS strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Once I realized that I didn’t have to come up with something new or catchy but, instead, needed to continue to ensure doing what we have always done – that being listening to, partnering with, and helping our clients.

Listening to their frustrations, pain points, and fears.

Partnering with our clients in a way that lets them know we’re truly here for THEM.

And, helping our clients with whatever we can – from late night updates to websites regarding changes to Covid policy to walking through the crisis together, as one business supporting another.

After all, we aren’t marketing a new concept, we’re simply rolling up our sleeves and doing what we do best in a crazy and quickly changing time. This plays into our strengths!

Serving Our Clients

We are perfectly designed for this new business climate. We are a small team, which has – thankfully -allowed us to continue to operate as usual. Our team is here in the office every day, which means that we’re always extremely available to our clients – many of whom, especially those in the medical field, have been experiencing huge changes to routines and policies on an almost daily (if not hourly) basis. It has been imperative that we are here to deploy these essential communications!!!

Seeking Opportunities

This one took me a moment to realize the value of this. We have spent a lot of time scouting opportunities for our clients to gain attention, additional communication channels, and free exposure. While I didn’t have our own “air time” to sell, I did take advantage of all the free airtime that was offered by the media vendors we work with. They deployed communication boards for the companies that remained open, and we submitted over 10 clients to 5 different communication hubs. We let them know how our clients were operating, caring for the safety of the public, and how to reach them.

On a media outlet in 1 market, we garnered over $6,600 in free ad time for a food delivery company in one month. This was on a first come, first serve opportunity that we immediately jumped on for our client. During that period their sales were aided by an additional 1,164 ad units….costing them ZERO dollars from their marketing budget. This allowed them to free up that money to help keep staff employed with an additional $1 an hour hazard pay increase.

As you can tell, we are beyond proud to have been positioned in a way that we could serve our clients during this time, being able to be their trusted source for information, and partner for their growth. Tune in next week to learn more about how we’ve used this time to make Transformation Marketing the best that it could be!


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