Utilizing Video Marketing

by | Dec 17, 2019

Utilizing video marketing

Using video in marketing can be one of the most effective tools at your business’ disposal. Video-centric marketing has become incredibly popular in the last decade, especially with the advent of social media campaigns. A full three-quarters of surveyed adults report making purchases after watching video advertisements. About the same number of customers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video ad online about a product. These results indicate that businesses not using video marketing are at a distinct disadvantage in the modern marketplace.

Video marketing is especially effective with younger customers. The vast majority (around 85 percent) of consumers aged 18-34 report that they have made purchases as a result of informative video ads. Tapping into this growing demographic is an important part of maintaining your company’s competitive edge.

Creating Engaging Video Marketing Materials

When used properly, video marketing can be more effective than any other type of digital marketing. Video tends to be more memorable for customers than text ads or mailers. Younger consumers are also more likely to say that video ads are the most notable kind of marketing material. Research indicates that branded content, including promotional videos and product instructionals, often performs better than pre-roll video advertisements. This covers purchase intent, recall, and conversion rates.

This is mainly because videos are innately an engaging form of content that requires attention. About half of adults across all age groups (more for younger audiences) say that videos are more engaging for them than other forms of ad content. More than a third of survey respondents indicate that they prefer videos most of all potential ad forms. Generally, email holds pride of place for brand communication. However, studies usually compare email to other forms of print advertising like mailers, SMS messages, and social media posts. While email may be the most effective form of print brand communication for many businesses, it would be a mistake to underestimate the power of video.

Video as a Way to Drive Engagement

Utilizing video marketing can be a great way to drive customer engagement with your brand. As social media continues to grow in importance in customers’ daily lives, it also becomes a more powerful marketing tool for businesses. This makes social media platforms a prime place to display sharp-looking, informational video ads. However, video ads can be used practically anywhere: your website, ads on other sites, YouTube, and even attached in emails. Video can be used alone or as an enhancement for other forms of marketing. About half of consumers regularly watch branded videos on social media platforms. The number is even higher for smartphone users who tend to view video content more often than computer users. In fact, almost three-quarters of smartphone users surveyed said they watched branded videos every day.

Videos that end with calls-to-action are especially powerful since they use the positive momentum of the ad to drive conversions. CTAs can be linked to your website and product pages, discounts, or anything else to compel customers to make a purchase.

Important Considerations for Video Marketing

Like other forms of marketing, videos have to be used skillfully to be effective. Make sure your videos are not overly long or pushy. Instead, focus on making video ads entertaining, interesting, and informative. This helps keep your video marketing relevant. Ensure that your video ads fit into your marketing campaigns and design new campaigns around your video content. Also, remember to ask current or even potential customers for feedback on your marketing materials. Consumers tend to be eager to share their opinions about products and advertisements with companies.

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