The Top 5 Christmas and Holiday Ads From 2021

Hand drawn christmas market illustrationThe holidays are about family, friends, and sharing. It’s also the time for advertising creatives to shine, outdoing each other every year with holiday ads that tug at our heartstrings.

In 2021, many Christmas campaigns focused on the various challenges we faced and the value of community. Of course, they included the underlying theme of gift-giving to promote their products subtly.

Plenty of companies will try to get the attention of the public around the holiday season so we hope this gives you a little something to get you into the spirit. Here’s a roundup of the best holiday ads in 2021 to inspire you and help you with your brand communication.


Give More Than a Gift By Etsy


In this 30-second commercial, Etsy manages to highlight several important values. A grandfather feels alienated by the Christmas festivities, but his grandson’s gift makes him feel seen and loved. The main message is about paying attention to our loved ones and how thoughtful and custom-made gifts can brighten their day, much like the ones on Etsy. It also touches on diversity and inclusivity. It’s a short and sweet ad, but Etsy was able to drive the message home.


Real Magic By Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola is a master at holiday campaigns, and its 2021 Christmas ad doesn’t disappoint. When a boy and his single mom realize there’s no chimney in the apartment they moved into, they start building one out of boxes, and all of their neighbors lend them a helping hand. Of course, it’s a Coca-Cola box that completes the entire creation. It’s a heartwarming commercial that highlights the importance of community and inclusivity.


Tiptoe and the Flying Machine By Macy’s


Aside from its grand Christmas parade in New York, Macy’s likes to celebrate the holidays with touching ads. In its 2021 ad, a dad is at the airport with his daughter, who’s afraid of airplanes. He tells her the story of Tiptoe the Reindeer, whose toy version she holds in her arms. Tiptoe has difficulty flying but realizes he only needs to believe in himself. The ad sends an encouraging message to kids about being brave while also promoting Macy’s toys.


When Your Workout Is a Joy, It’s a Joy to Work Out By Peloton


The most common resolution people have is to exercise more, and Peloton used this to its advantage in its 2021 Christmas commercial. Scrooge is as grumpy as ever, but his mood lifts when he receives a Peloton bike as a gift. He transforms into a joyful man as he sweats it out on his new bike. This funny yet inspiring ad tells people that if someone like Scrooge can find happiness in his workout, anyone can.


Saving Simon By Apple


This cinematic Christmas commercial by Apple isn’t just heartwarming. It’s also impressive that they used an iPhone 13 Pro to shoot the entire masterpiece. It’s a story about a girl who does everything she can to save her snowman and help him last the whole year until winter comes again. She keeps him in the freezer until she can take him outside again in the snow. Apple thoughtfully dedicated the ad to the ones who wait all year to be with their loved ones.


The Bottom Line

We all look forward to holiday ads because they’re creative, well-thought-out, and always touch a chord. Brands can learn a thing or two from these outstanding 2021 Christmas commercials. For information on how to implement a successful marketing campaign, contact Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896.


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