Large Facebook "like" thumbs up.Facebook recently changed their recommendations to make it easier for business to connect, and for users to post reviews of a business’s page.

Meaning that, for the most part, Facebook reviews have been replaced with recommendations.

Like in the past, users can still go directly to the business’s Facebook page and write a recommendation. But now, when users post recommendations in their feed, the reviews will be posted under the business’s recommendation tab, even if the users did not directly post on the page. This change also includes comments posted on statuses as well.

For example, when a user posts a status stating, “I went to Company A and received amazing service,” or if a user posts a status asking for recommendations or an opinion of a specific business and another user comments “I would recommend Company A,” both examples will be posted in a business’s recommendations. To clarify, this applies to any review, “yes I recommend” or “no I do not.” (Yes and no are the only options, not the traditional star-ratings everyone is used to).

Note: this feature only works if a business’s review page is activated. But even if you do not like this change, having the reviews (newly recommendations) tab active is essential for businesses.

Facebook believes this will help businesses increase reach, and we agree.

To start, the new feature allows gifs and photos in the recommendation section, which will likely make the experience more enjoyable for users. For example, some world-renowned businesses have taken an edgy approach to social media. Wendy’s, for example, is known for their regular sarcasm and roastings of Twitter users with gifs, photos, and edgy replies, but many of their tweets go viral. While a recommendation won’t necessarily go viral, the enjoyable experience is still great for business. Plus, some things are better described through photos and gifs than words.

One new key feature to take note of is any tags posted in the recommendations are searchable. This means users will not only be able to reach a business’s Facebook page through posts and promotions but through tags within the recommendations, too, yielding one more avenue for your page to be discovered. 

1.6 million people are connected to a small business on Facebook, and 700 million users use the social platform to find events—buying tickets, enrolling, etc. With these new features, Facebook has made it easier for users and businesses to connect on their platform.

Facebook now allows businesses to set up their page to allow users to make a reservation, book an appointment, and see recent offers. In addition, Facebook has also expanded their job tool to help users find work via a businesses job application section.

I’m sure we’ll see more big changes in the next few months as the social platform is always adapting. It’s important to remember that entities such as Google and Facebook make user-friendliness a number-one priority…it’s how they keep traffic numbers high. Businesses relying on these platforms—which is pretty much everyone—must follow suit, making user-friendliness paramount on social media pages as well as your website. Do this, and Facebook and Google will reward you handsomely!

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