The Dangers of Leaving your Facebook Page Inactive

by | Feb 23, 2015

So, I don’t post on my Facebook page for weeks, or even months, what’s the big deal? It’s free. It’ll be there when I get back, right? Wrong. If you abandoned your car on the side of the road and came back for it in a couple of weeks, would you expect to be there? And if it was there, would you still expect it to be in the same shape it once was? Today, we’re going to go over some reasons why it’s not a good idea to leave your Facebook page inactive – even if just for a couple of weeks. (Don’t stop reading after the first couple – we’re saving the most important and probably the most shocking for last.)

1. You’re giving fans a chance to forget about you
Marketing is all about consistency, no matter which type of marketing medium you’re using. Staying in front of customers on a consistent basis continues to remind them that you’re around and that you’d love to see them in your store or office! While you have to be cautious of over-posting, you need to make sure you are giving them that post every so often to remind them that you’re there and get them to interact with you!

2. You’re getting yourself out of a routine
While not everyone works best with a routine, many do.  Making sure there are certain days you post every week can help you maintain that consistency. If you pause that routine, for whatever reason, it’s harder to get back into it again later. It’s much easier to maintain momentum than it is to build momentum.

3. Facebook actually punishes you for this
Now, while Facebook isn’t out to get you for not posting for a couple of weeks, the way they’ve set up their algorithms to determine which posts get shown on people’s news feeds and which do not can directly be effected by you not posting for weeks on end. They way Facebook is set up, if someone is not active on a page, they begin seeing that page’s posts less and less. Eventually, they will not see that page’s posts at all. So, if your page is inactive for an extended period of time and no one is interacting, your posts aren’t going to be seen by your followers. Now, you can recover from this, but it’s going to cost you and take time. You can promote your pages’ posts to increase interactions again, but you have to pay for the ads and it’ll take some time before your fans get active enough to start seeing more of your posts again.

So, next time you think about taking a break from your Facebook page because you’ve simply gotten too busy, consider hiring a marketing company that handles social media (We hear Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska is a great one… just sayin’.) and having them take over your social media campaign so they can help you to maintain that consistency and boost your page engagement, ensuring more people are seeing your posts.

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