Updates to Facebook – 4th Quarter 2014

by | Nov 28, 2014

As you know, social media is ever-changing and here at Transformation Marketing, in Lincoln, Nebraska, we take keeping up with all of those changes very seriously. So, when Facebook started releasing all the updates they are ending the year with, we wanted to keep our clients and readers in the know as they effect not only personal use of Facebook but business use as well. Three of the big changes that we are going to touch on in today’s blog are 1) A new type of Facebook ad, 2) Updated Privacy Settings and 3) Syncing Ad Settings Across All Devices.

Local Awareness Ads
10574691_808741982524077_337456944_nIn October, Facebook released their newest ad option – Local Awareness Ads. These ads show up on users’ mobile phones based on their location. When you set up the ad and choose “Local Awareness” as the purpose of your ad, you can choose the radius from your business you want the ad to reach and then people who live in that area or go to that area often will begin seeing your ad, which includes an option to get directions to your location. This is going to be great for some of our destination clients such as restaurants and retail stores. We are excited to be able to offer this additional value for them and the best news is that we can include it in our clients’ current ad budget.

Terms and Policies Update
10734305_363107773856141_188010835_nWith Facebook’s latest terms and policies update, Facebook really focused on the new features it’s added over the past year and helping you better understand what this means for you and how they use your information to better your experience. With all the information they’ve requested access to in order to help improve the customer experience, there has been a lot of question to what they are doing with that information. The updated terms and policies will better explain that and help users to feel comfortable about their privacy.

More Control Over Ads You See
FBadsFacebook is also giving you more control over the ads you see. They improved this feature earlier this year and now they are taking that improvement a step further, by syncing the options you choose on one device across all devices you use.


We are happy to keep you updated on the latest changes in social media and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2015! Have a great holiday weekend, a wonderful December and a very happy new year!

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