Facebook Ads – 1 Campaign at a Time, Please!

by | Nov 14, 2014

Recently, we ran into a situation where we were running ads for a client and they were running ads for themselves (but we did not know this). We weren’t sure why this particular ad set was costing so much per click… until we learned that the client was also running ads.

Here’s the deal… Facebook ads work similar to an auction. You are bidding for your ad to be seen. The more competition, the more you have to bid to win that spot. So, running two different ad campaigns for the same page is like a husband and wife bidding against each other for the same antique lamp. All your doing is inflating the cost.

At Transformation Marketing, we manage countless ad campaigns for our clients and we manage them successfully! Let us help you get the most from your campaign and when and if you decide to spend a little more, please let us handle that for you. Not only will you avoid bidding against yourself, but you’ll be putting your ad dollars in the hands of a company who has proven results. (And it doesn’t cost you any more to do it! Ad management is included in each of our social media packages – we don’t charge a percentage of your ad spend.)

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