Little girl gets postcard from her father who is an FCC truck driver

FCC: Home When It Counts

We are pleased to work with FCC for many reasons but one of the most important reasons is because they are a company with values that match our own. They work very hard at letting their drivers know they care and family is important. We created a recruitment video titled “Home When It Counts” which highlighted FCC’s […]

above view vector illustration of person at desk working on web surrounded by digital tools like mobile devices, headphones, statistics, etc.

Managing Your Videos Online

There are quite a few services offered for uploading and sharing videos online today. YouTube was the first one to do this on a massive scale and has since become the number one name in video hosting, but some have worries that it’s so over-saturated that their videos will get lost in the online-fray and […]

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Wrangling in Your Message Through Video

Depending on the format of your project, you can have anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour to get your message across through video. Let’s assume for this post that we’re talking about your typical commercial. You only have 15, 30 or 60 seconds to make an impact, change perception, convince and influence your audience. […]