Merry Grinchmas!

Illumination’s Marketing Strategy for “The Grinch”. Weird? Clever? Both.

Illumination Entertainment’s marketing strategy for The Grinch was sort of weird. But it was so good. The advertising team created a Twitter account where they trash talked NBA players and heckled NFL teams, the Grammy-nominated rapper (Tyler, the Creator) who created the movie’s theme song is banned from the UK, and multiple advertisements showed real-life […]

Locked computer

Why Did Facebook Shut down My Ad Accounts? What to Do Next

So, Facebook has shut down your Ad Account. Without warning. Without giving you a reason. Just…because. What’s next? Well, stress will probably be involved in the process at some point. So will frustration and, let’s face it…most likely a fair amount of anger as well. Mild cursing of Mark Zuckerburg may ensue. If that happens, […]