Is Digital Video More Popular Than TV Marketing?

Digital video has been gaining tremendous ground in recent years. While young people use the internet more than older demographics, every generation has increased its internet engagement. For millennials, especially, traditional TV seems to be losing its historical influence. Millennials have already been spending more time on their smartphones than watching TVs for a few years. Nevertheless, traditional TV marketing has continued to hold massive influence over millennial purchasing decisions. 

What Is The Role Of A Marketing Director?

If you have your own business, you already know how tough it is to organize your marketing efforts. The difficulty of running your own marketing campaigns is what leads so many business owners to hire their own marketing directors. Marketing directors play an important role in assembling, managing, and coordinating your company’s marketing efforts. But just what does that look like on the practical level? What is the role of a marketing director? And what difference can having one really make for your business?

Social Media Marketing’s Role in Your Company’s Brand

Social media marketing plays an instrumental part in modern brand-building. This is one industry standard that can’t be emphasized enough: if you run a business in the modern market, you need a social media presence. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy, but it needs to be smart, substantive, and effective. For entrepreneurs with little or no experience in social media marketing, this can seem daunting. In reality, the foundation of a social media marketing strategy is pretty straightforward.