Consumer trends to anticipate

Consumer Trends to Anticipate in 2019

A new year brings both optimism and anxiousness into the marketing equation. What will happen this year? What will change? What will marketers have to adapt to? 2018 brought tremendous amounts of change which will certainly carry into 2019. Lucky for marketers, these events, trends, and advancements allow us to predict what 2019 has in store. […]

KFC Bucket that says "FCK" not "KFC"

The Bean Team’s Favorite Ads

The U.S. advertising spent more than $190 billion in 2016. There’s no absolute data on the total amount of ads created, especially when considering social media marketing. So let’s just mark the total as “a lot.” The U.S. advertising industry is projected to spend over $2018.93 billion in 2018, increasing to $259.10 billion by $2021. […]

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Wrangling in Your Message Through Video

Depending on the format of your project, you can have anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour to get your message across through video. Let’s assume for this post that we’re talking about your typical commercial. You only have 15, 30 or 60 seconds to make an impact, change perception, convince and influence your audience. […]