Color psychology and the importance of choosing the right brand colors

Color Psychology and the Importance of Choosing the Right Brand Colors

Your logo says a lot about your company. If well-executed, your logo can become an essential part of your company’s image for your audience. Examples abound, from McDonald’s famous golden arches to Coca-Cola’s trademark red and white cursive script. Newer brands have more flexibility but far less recognizability. Creating the right logo and marketing materials is all about securing customers’ attention. One of the simplest but commonly overlooked aspects of marketing is color.

Top 5 Color Combinations for a Color Palette

Knowing how to choose the right color combinations is essential to an excellent marketing design. It is also good to know some popular color combinations for times when you may be out of ideas. In this article, we will give you some tips for picking great color combinations for your palette. We will also give you our top five color combinations for a marketing color palette.