Granddaughter Showing Grandfather Tablet, Part Of Grandparent And Grandchild Passing Time Together Set Of Illustrations

Marketing Strategies by Generation: Part I

One of the most common ways to break down consumer demographics is by categorizing them based on the generation they were born in. While it’s not always a great idea to generalize a population of people whose ages vary 15+ years, categorization by generation makes sense; many people grew up in a similar era and […]

KFC Bucket that says "FCK" not "KFC"

The Bean Team’s Favorite Ads

The U.S. advertising spent more than $190 billion in 2016. There’s no absolute data on the total amount of ads created, especially when considering social media marketing. So let’s just mark the total as “a lot.” The U.S. advertising industry is projected to spend over $2018.93 billion in 2018, increasing to $259.10 billion by $2021. […]