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The Bean Team’s Favorite Ads

The U.S. advertising spent more than $190 billion in 2016. There’s no absolute data on the total amount of ads created, especially when considering social media marketing. So let’s just mark the total as “a lot.” The U.S. advertising industry is projected to spend over $2018.93 billion in 2018, increasing to $259.10 billion by $2021. […]

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Clarifying Your Message in a Cluttered Online World

Think about all the data available today. Did you know 90 percent of it was created in the past two years? Okay, now pick your jaw up off the floor. While that statistic is not directly related to this blog, it provides great insight into the sheer amount of information on the internet today. With all […]

Junky Jargon Face

What Junky Jargon Do You Hate?

Jargon, like everything, has its pros and cons. On one hand, it can give your company a voice, add authority, and can be used to communicate within the industry and between experts. On the other hand, it can isolate clients, kill conversations, and make you sound pretentious. It’s a double-edged sword: well-placed jargon can clarify, […]