Search engines and reviews

Search Engines and Reviews

Almost every single person in America has used a search engine at some point in their lives. Whether you use Bing, Yahoo, Ask, or most commonly (used by right around 75% of the population), Google, chances are that if you’re reading this blog, you have almost certainly used a search engine just within the last week. Now that we’ve established the importance of search engine optimization, let’s look at online reviews. While 100% of you probably use a search engine of some sort, there are probably still many of you (or most of you) who also read and/or leave reviews.

How to Repurpose Marketing Materials for Different Social Media Platforms

How to Repurpose Marketing Materials for Different Social Media Platforms

Repurposing marketing materials for different social media platforms can help you save time and money without losing the benefits of using multiple platforms. By repurposing your marketing material across major platforms, you can maintain a consistent online presence and use the unique tools of each platform to your advantage. This helps grow your audience more effectively than if you just used one platform. It also means you do not need to create new materials from scratch for each account.

Color psychology and the importance of choosing the right brand colors

Color Psychology and the Importance of Choosing the Right Brand Colors

Your logo says a lot about your company. If well-executed, your logo can become an essential part of your company’s image for your audience. Examples abound, from McDonald’s famous golden arches to Coca-Cola’s trademark red and white cursive script. Newer brands have more flexibility but far less recognizability. Creating the right logo and marketing materials is all about securing customers’ attention. One of the simplest but commonly overlooked aspects of marketing is color.