Consumer trends to anticipate

Consumer Trends to Anticipate in 2019

A new year brings both optimism and anxiousness into the marketing equation. What will happen this year? What will change? What will marketers have to adapt to? 2018 brought tremendous amounts of change which will certainly carry into 2019. Lucky for marketers, these events, trends, and advancements allow us to predict what 2019 has in store. […]

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How Ad Retargeting Can Help Your Brand

What is retargeting and why do we think it could make an impact on your business? Retargeting is a fancy term for a fairly simple concept. Essentially, the purpose is to advertise to Internet users who have viewed products or services online but did not follow through with their purchase by advertising the specific product […]

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Inundated With Ads

Social media is primarily filled with user-generated content, interactions between individual people, and now, branding. The amount of sponsored content (posts that are paid for in order to reach more people) and other forms of social media advertising are on the rise. And guess what? Users are losing enjoyment. An American Customer Satisfaction Index reported […]