Should You Use Emojis in Your Posts?

by | Dec 7, 2019

The Internet age is a time of constant evolution. This is great for businesses because it gives them new and innovative ways to interact with customers, improve their bottom line, and gain a wider customer base. However, the Internet age also brings with it a constant supply of new ordeals. One of those challenges is finding the best way to use the latest methods of communication in business, such as emoticons or “emojis.”


Properly using emojis and other types of shorthand can be very effective for businesses when done strategically. Emojis can be a productive part of your business’ advertising campaign that helps you connect better with customers. If used wrongly, emojis can be a turn-off for many. Knowing if and when to use emojis is as important as knowing how. In this article, you will be introduced to the basics of using emojis in your social media campaigns to best connect with your audience.

How Customers See Emojis in Advertisements

Social media posts, like Instagram, can generate more traffic and get better audience engagement by using emojis strategically. Generally, it is recommended to have at least one, but not more than a few, per post. Many businesses have been surprised at the success they experience integrating emojis into advertisements. Consumers react well to specific uses of emojis in marketing materials.


Some research indicates that about half of users become more likely to interact with social media advertisements that contain emojis. Most people report that they enjoy the personal touch emojis bring. They also appreciate the ways that emojis can express brands’ personalities and goals. About half of social media users are more likely to follow brands that use emojis, and almost half of those users say emojis make them more likely to make a purchase. That means that emojis not only drive engagement but can also help drive sales. Many entrepreneurs are surprised at how effective emojis can be.

Emojis Outside Social Media

Emojis can also be useful for audience engagement outside social media. Email is a prime opportunity to use emojis in customer communication. Few businesses use emojis in email subject lines. However, those that do often see higher open rates than those who do not. More than half of customers indicate that they are more likely to open an email that has an emoji in its subject line. This is especially the case when customers use emojis in their personal communications on a regular basis.

Using Emojis in Your Marketing Materials

Emojis should always be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm customers or appear unprofessional. Which emojis you choose is important, too. Customers have emojis they prefer over other ones, so seeing one of their favorites makes them more likely to pay attention. Generally, popular emojis include laughter, hearts, and kisses. In fact, many customers are even willing to make purchases using emojis. Some already are. Dominos, the pizza company, is a great example of successfully using this approach. Customers can order Dominos products using emojis via text. Customers are also willing to use emojis to buy movie tickets, accessories, sports tickets, and apparel.

Final Thoughts

Remember not to overdo it with emojis. Being creative, but restrained is important in most cases. The goal of using emojis is to show your business’ personality and make customers feel comfortable. Spamming emojis throughout advertisements or correspondence is a quick way to make customers feel you do not take them seriously. However, using emojis properly can be an effective way to improve your marketing campaigns and boost your bottom line.


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