How to Market an Event on Facebook

by | Dec 17, 2019

There are plenty of benefits to creating and advertising business events on Facebook. Facebook has X users, and the average user spends Y hours on the platform every Z. Facebook has become one of the most important marketing tools in the modern economy. With all these factors considered, it makes sense that you would want to utilize Facebook’s ad tools for your business. In this article, you will be given some basic information about Facebook marketing and how to market an event on Facebook.

How Much Does Advertising Events Cost?

Facebook advertising rates are generally considered very affordable. This is one of Facebook’s most popular selling points with advertisers. Ad costs are often measured in cost per click (CPC). Facebook charges about 27 cents per click. Another way to calculate costs is with cost per thousand impressions (CPM), which runs about $7.19 CPM.

Promoting Events on Your Business’ Facebook Page

One of the most important parts of marketing an event on Facebook is optimizing your business page to display events prominently. Make sure your Events tab is at the top of your tabs list, as this makes your events most easily accessible to visiting customers. Visitors to your page can check your company calendar for a full list of your events, too. You can change where your Events tab displays on your page by selecting Manage Tabs in the More dropdown menu. If you have not created a Facebook event before, you may need to do this before you see your Events tab.

You can also change the order of tabs and sections in the left-hand column on desktop displays. This lets your Events tab appear at the top of the list. Just click the pencil icon that shows up whenever you hover your cursor over the column. Either way, make sure you select that you want to publish all new events to your company’s timeline. You can find this option within your Event tab. This lets your social media followers know immediately whenever your business is hosting an event.

Publishing and Sharing Facebook Events

A very simple but powerful way to promote your Facebook events is by sharing them once you hit Publish. Share your event on your business page to alert followers and visitors. You can also share your event by inviting individual followers or even other pages. If your registration partner (such as Eventbrite) allows you to become a Facebook Official Event, this can qualify your event for better search results and recommendations in your audience’s newsfeed. This can greatly boost your event’s visibility.

Boosting Posts With Ad Campaigns

Another great way to boost your event’s impact is by turning the event itself into an ad. This lets you build your brand while spreading the word about what you have going on. When you boost an event with an ad campaign, you help build your audience’s awareness. This results in more Facebook responses for many businesses.

To boost an event, click on Boost Event on your event’s page. Select Reach More People and then pick the target audience you want to focus on. You can target audiences based on interests, age, location, and gender, as well as people who have liked your page and their friends. All that is left is selecting your budget, ad schedule, and clicking Boost.

Boosting events can also be used to drive ticket sales by immediately linking customers to your ticket website. Just select Increase Ticket Sales under Boost Event. Select your audience, campaign schedule, and budget. Finally, hit Boost. Once your ad is approved, your campaign will begin and automatically stop once it has reached your allotted budget.

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