Why Would I Use Pinterest for My Business?

by | May 23, 2019

Pinterest ribbon. Illustration.It’s been years since the debate about social media was settled — marketers now think that it is a vital tool for advertising in the 21st century. Any business worth its salt knows that it needs to have a strong, active social media presence.

For different businesses, that can mean different kinds of marketing campaigns. Some businesses keep an active presence on Facebook but do not really engage their customers on other platforms. Other businesses prefer to spend their social media marketing efforts on Instagram, YouTube, and the like.

The prospect of reaching out to customers on Pinterest, however, is still new to many business owners. Many of them are not even sure what the point of Pinterest is at all. But the truth is that Pinterest can be an excellent marketing tool for your company.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that lets users search and share photos, articles, and other items based on their interests. Users build “boards” of links to share on their personal profile. For example, an amateur baker can find thousands of photos of gourmet cakes to save in a personal file for inspiration.

The idea is that Pinterest is a digital idea board that mimics “pinning” an idea up. The whole point is to help people find inspiration for their hobbies and connect them to the products and services they want to buy.

What Is the Value of Using Pinterest for Marketing?

Many marketers dismiss Pinterest as a less important social media site. In reality, however, the site draws more than 200 million users every month between its website platform and its app. When users click on an image or article that they want to save, they have an easy direct link to follow through to the website. That means that if they like your product, all they have to do is click to land right on your website.

It is this ability to link directly to a company website that makes Pinterest an even more compelling marketing tool than Instagram. But this alone is not the only reason why marketers may want to consider reaching out to clients on Pinterest.

Consider the importance of content marketing and finding an audience that is already interested in your product. Pinterest is a prime example of this. On this platform, users are already searching for products that they are interested in. You know that you are marketing directly to interested audiences which is a great way to make your marketing campaigns more efficient.

The way people use Pinterest is different from the way they use other social media sites, too. Pinterest leads the way in driving sales on social media platforms. In fact, it facilitates almost four times as many sales as other platforms.

What is more, 87 percent of people who use Pinterest say that they have bought a product while browsing on the platform. Of course, the demographics of the platform are also important. Fifty percent of millennials say they use Pinterest, and 40 percent of users have an annual income of above $100,000.

In short, the people who are browsing Pinterest have money and are looking to spend it.

What Companies Are the Best Fit for Pinterest?

The biggest interests on Pinterest are interior design, travel, fashion, cuisine, and auto care. For this reason, companies in these industries have a particular interest in making a platform for themselves on Pinterest.

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