What is a Marketing Director?

by | Feb 11, 2020

If you have your own business, you already know how tough it is to organize your marketing efforts. The difficulty of running your own marketing campaigns is what leads so many business owners to hire their own marketing directors. Marketing directors play an important role in assembling, managing, and coordinating your company’s marketing efforts. But just what does that look like on the practical level? What is the role of a marketing director? And what difference can having one really make for your business?


Why Do Companies Need A Marketing Director?


Marketing directors coordinate your company’s advertising and brand-building efforts. The role of a marketing director is complex, but it essentially boils down to ensuring your marketing materials are effective and on-message. Marketing directors oversee the marketing company or team you have hired. Each business has unique marketing needs, so marketing directors have to be able to adapt their skills to new challenges. 

Without a marketing director, however, there is no central vision for your brand-building. Marketing directors are vital for businesses looking to grow their brand power. There is simply no practical way for the average business owner to function as a marketing director, as well. This becomes truer, the bigger your business grows.

When hiring a marketing director for the first time, you need to include the qualifications and skills you’re looking for. Make clear what your marketing director will be required to handle. Provide details about your company’s mission, organization, benefits, pay scale, the skills and education your applicants need to have. 


What Do Marketing Directors Do?


Marketing directors have unique roles depending on the company they’re part of. They can also be given different titles based specifically on what they do. When looking for a marketing director, make it clear that you are looking for very specific skills and experience. You want a marketing director with some evidence they can take care of your business’ unique needs.

They provide guidance to marketing departments or marketing companies, evaluate their strategies, and develop new marketing strategies. This executive usually coordinates marketing efforts directly and makes sure that every part of the company is on-brand. Marketing directors also ensure that potential clients are engaging your brand and current clients keep returning for more business. 

Marketing directors usually work closely with the sales and customer service departments to ensure a smooth brand image across all fronts. They also organize company conferences, trade shows, and major branding events.

Usually, marketing directors are required to have an undergraduate degree in marketing, communications, or business. Any candidates you consider should have experience coordinating marketing campaigns and directing a marketing team. The better your marketing director is at project and stakeholder management, the better for your business. 

What If I Already Have a Marketing Director?


If your company already has a marketing director, you’re in better shape than many. However, the work does not stop there. You need to keep due diligence in your marketing campaigns to keep them effective. No one is an island, including your marketing director.

You may be wondering whether you need a marketing agency if you already have a marketing director. The answer is usually a resounding “yes!” Marketing directors can only handle so much of your marketing campaigns and practices. After all, your marketing director is only one person. 

If you already have one, think of your business’s marketing director as a hub of communication. Your marketing director still needs graphic designers, content writers, videographers, ad platform experts, and outside perspectives. A professional marketing agency, like Transformation Marketing, brings all these things along with the desire to achieve the business owner’s marketing goals. If your business needs help in the marketing department, you can contact Transformation Marketing today!

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