What Is the Importance of Having a Large Social Following for My Business?

by | Aug 15, 2019

Illustration. Online shopping concepts. icons of internet marketing and business elementsIf you own a business, you likely understand the importance of social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites give you the chance to speak directly to your market. However, you might not realize just how important it is to get a large following. Simply having an account isn’t enough. You need to build a large list of followers to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Generate Leads

Did you know that each of your social media followers is a lead? When people follow you on social media, they are expressing an interest in what you have to offer. You can nurture the leads with social media ads that display to your followers. Since people have already shown an interest, it’s much easier to get them to take the next step and make a purchase.


Increase Website Traffic

When you have a large social media following, you can actually increase your website traffic. Sharing content, hosting contests, and participating in chats are excellent ways to get your followers to visit your website. Once you get them on your site, you can convert them into customers.


Social Proof

A huge social media following is a form of social proof. If someone goes to your page and sees that you have thousands of followers, he or she will immediately view your company as legitimate. After all, why would so many people follow you if you aren’t trustworthy? Social proof is a very powerful tool and can help you reach more people and make sales.


Gain a Better Understanding of Your Customer Base

When you created a marketing plan, you built a customer avatar. This avatar represents your customer base. Savvy marketers understand that customer avatars shouldn’t be unchangeable. You might have to make some changes based on what you learn about your customer base, and social media can help. When you gain a large following, it’s much easier to understand your customer base. You can see the posts they engage with and the various ways they interact with your brand. This will help you better identify your customer base. You can make changes to your customer avatar, and then create marketing materials that speak directly to your customers.


Better Search Engine Rankings

Google doesn’t release its algorithms, but many insiders believe that it uses social media as one of its ranking factors. It’s believed that the stronger your social media presence is, the higher your site will rank. If you have lots of engaged followers, you have a strong social media presence. That means it will be easier for people to find your website when conducting a Google search.


Go Viral

When you build a large social media following, you have the chance to go viral with your content. When people engage with your content, their friends and followers see it as well. If those people also engage with it, it will soon blow up all over social media channels. This is how content goes viral, and the extra exposure can help your business. It’s very hard to go viral unless you already have a large social media following, so start attracting followers and then post engaging content that will make its rounds on social media.


Build Your Following Today

It takes some time to build a large social media following, but it’s well worth the effort. Get started by creating engaging social media profiles and sharing exciting and informative content. You can run social media ads to attract more people once your accounts are optimized. Then you will likely start to attract new followers each day.


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