Why Do an Instagram Takeover?

Instagram takeovers are one of the latest trends in social media marketing. Takeovers have helped numerous companies breathe new life into their brands. Companies like General Electric, Sony, Adidas, Airbnb, and Stella Artois use Instagram takeovers. These campaigns grow their Instagram audiences. The effectiveness of Instagram takeovers and how they resonate with audiences is now well-known. This is leading more companies to consider creating their own takeover campaigns.

Instagram takeovers began as a way for brands to interact and collaborate with their Instagram audience. Takeovers allow companies to make their marketing experience engaging and fun. Takeovers have become one of the most important ways for companies to market their brands on Instagram.

So, what is an Instagram takeover? How does it work? And, most importantly, why should you run an Instagram takeover for your business? If you are asking yourself these questions, read below to find out.


What Is an Instagram Takeover?

Instagram takeovers are marketing campaigns where a company’s account is run by another person, company, or group. This other party shares its content with the company’s audience. When used correctly, these qualities make takeovers a powerful way for companies to build their brand power. Takeovers let content creators cross-promote content with other organizations.

Takeovers are almost as old as Instagram itself. They have evolved in conjunction with Instagram’s features. Early takeovers consisted of people cross-posting photos for a short time. Now, takeovers involve stories, videos, and live broadcasts. This adds even more excitement and diversity to campaigns.

Takeovers can host employees, colleagues, customers, clients, community members, or social media influencers. Whoever the guest is, the purpose is to drive traffic to their social media presence as well as your own. However, with employees, clients, or colleagues, the motivations can be different. Instagram takeovers are designed to draw an audience’s attention in a way they enjoy.


What Makes Takeovers Effective?

Takeovers are fun for companies and audiences alike. More than this, Instagram takeovers are a premier example of a 50/50 value exchange. This is where companies make partnerships that are equally beneficial to both parties. Takeovers allow someone who can add value to their brand to take over the host’s Instagram account. However, it also lets the guest host reach a new audience with their own marketing material. More companies see Instagram takeovers as a vital part of successful social media campaigns.


Measuring the Success of Takeovers

There are a number of metrics companies consider when examining the success of their Instagram takeovers. Companies look at whether their takeover campaigns increased audience awareness of their brand. Companies also check whether audiences showed signs of engagement.

Increased numbers of followers, views, reach, and mentions are reliable metrics. These are the most common indicators of successful campaigns. Companies also check how many new likes, views, comments, and direct messages they receive in response to the takeover. Perhaps the most impactful way to check the effectiveness of any campaign is directing traffic to websites. Companies also check the number of sales conversions resulting from clicks and views. For many businesses, these metrics are the most important, and many see great results from takeover campaigns.

Takeovers can provide new, useful content to your audience. They do this while driving customer engagement with your brand. Depending on how you use them, Instagram takeovers can help your company build local relationships. You can show off your employees or customers, improve your brand’s image, and more. The possibilities are as endless as your Instagram feed.

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