The Importance of Video Editing

by | Sep 21, 2021

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It’s one thing to just make a video, it’s another thing to make a video well. Anyone can shoot a video using their iPhone nowadays, but when it comes to editing, the skills and knowledge typically fall short. As defined by Media College, video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create new work. If it weren’t for good editing to create “new work”, most of our favorite music videos, tv shows, and movies wouldn’t be what they are today. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of video editing and what a video editor does post-production. 


Why is Video Editing Important?

Some may argue that creating the final cut of the video is the most important phase of the production process. That’s because video editing puts all the puzzle pieces together. Without it, you’d likely see a rough, jumbled mess. In particular, here are some specific reasons why video editing is a must-have:

• Reviewing
  • Those involved in the video editing process will spend a lot of time reviewing all the clips and audio recordings. At the time of filming, there may have been scenes that were overlooked, but the editing process allows editors to review all the footage and pick out the very best portions for the final cut.
• Creating a Cohesive Story
  • Before editing, the project is nothing but a bunch of random clips and sound bites. So once you get to the editing stage, this is where the magic happens. The editor can use their judgment of how to organize the content and make it into a cohesive story that flows. 
• Making Creative Decisions
  • The video editors take on a lot of responsibility during the decision-making process. Essentially, this is where the video gets its last touches and its final say. During the editing process, editors get to make creative decisions about the storyline but also the visual effects, coloring, transitions, etc. 


What Does a Video Editor Do?

We already brushed upon a few things that video editors do, but here’s a more in-depth look at their responsibilities:

• Having a Good Flow
  • As we mentioned, video editors get to assemble all of the footage and make it into a cohesive story. This is easier said than done. There’s a good chance that at least one hiccup will happen on set, whether that’s a broken light or a bad camera angle. It’s the editor’s job to take that content, with hiccups and all, and smooth it out as much as possible and ensure that there’s a good flow throughout the entire video. 
• Cutting Scenes
  • One way to achieve a good flow is by cutting scenes. The act of cutting in and out of clips isn’t necessarily hard but having the perfect timing is. As a viewer, you can probably agree that you don’t want to have sudden stops or drawn-out scenes. Video editors have to take on the perspective of a viewer and produce scenes that cut naturally. 
• Placing Smooth Transitions
  • Transitions go hand-in-hand with cutting scenes. There will inevitably be a sudden stop in filming or a shift in the scenery, so transitions help smooth out that change. From the standpoint of an editor, they can also use transitions to help set the pace and control the video. Once they have the content cleaned up and the transitions in place, editors can focus on other aspects of editing such as visual effects and color correction. 
• Visual Effects, Graphic Design, and Color Correction
  • Here comes the fun part — adding in the additional elements can really bring a video to life and make it truly eye-catching. Editors can use visual effects, graphic design, color corrections, filters, layering, etc. to improve the overall quality of the video and make it interesting for the viewer. 
• Sound Editing
  • Now, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the visual elements of video editing but not so much about sound. Sound is a very important piece of the puzzle. While the picture may look great, the sound may be terrible. Editors can adjust the volume levels, synchronize clips, replace soundtracks, and add music to polish off a high-quality video and set the mood for the film. 


Closing Thoughts

If you want a professional video, it’s more than just the right camera equipment — the key is good video editing. It’s a little more complicated than you thought, huh? Don’t worry… Transformation Marketing can help! We can assist you from pre-production all the way to post-production. Give us a call at 402-788-2896 to start your project today! 

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