Top 2020 Strategies for Website Optimization

by | Jan 23, 2020

Top 2020 Strategies for Website Optimization

Technology is continually evolving, and website optimization is no exception. Here are a few of the top 2020 strategies for website optimization you cannot afford to ignore. Businesses everywhere are implementing these new strategies and practices to boost their SEO, drive conversions, and improve their bottom line.

Featured Snippets Are More Prominent Than Clicks

Google continues to develop its platform and marketing tools to deliver better results with easier user experience. One of Google’s newest features is called Featured Snippets, which generally appears above the top organic search result. The Featured Snippet is usually referred to as “Position 0,” since it takes precedence even over the first search result.

Your business can take advantage of Featured Snippets to drive more traffic to your website. This involves crafting clear, concise answers to commonly asked questions on your business’s site. Google evaluates Featured Snippets based on their quality, with the best being pushed to the top. More than half of clicks on Google now come from Featured Snippets, meaning that Snippets now drives the majority of search engine results.

Ensure Your Website Is Secure

You may think your company’s website is already secure, but the quest for improved digital security never stops. That is because there are always new threats to business sites and their users. While a secure website may not seem important to your SEO, it is an essential part of a positive user experience.

If your website is unsecured, your customers will find out, and many will avoid your site altogether. If users see a “Not Secure” warning or your website appears unprofessional, they are very likely to leave. This can result in high bounce rates, making all your hard SEO work fruitless. A high bounce rate can also lower your search engine rankings, meaning you get far less traffic in the first place.

One of the most critical factors is to enable HTTPS protocol for your company website. HTTPS creates a secure connection with encryption and authentication. HTTPS also keeps unauthorized users from altering communications between your site and users’ browsers to keep this connection private and secure.

Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

You may not have thought to optimize your website for voice search, but your potential customers are using voice searches to find what they are looking for. Long gone are the days when searching could only be done with keyboards. As smartphones and other mobile devices become increasingly prevalent, voice searches are growing in popularity. Voice searches are now possible on smart TVs, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

Voice searches can significantly alter your SEO because they use voice rather than typed queries. This means the terms tend to be more conversational and specific. Voice searches do a lot of extra work for search engines trying to find the right results, so choppy keywords are less relevant than they used to be. Many industry experts believe that over half of all Internet searches will be done using a voice search before the close of 2020.

Cater to Mobile Users or Lose Out

If your business lacks a mobile website, you could lose most of your users in the next few years. Mobile pages are only growing in popularity. The number of smartphone users grows daily. But having a mobile website is not enough anymore. Your interface needs to be clear, easy to navigate, engaging, and, perhaps the quality most often overlooked, your mobile site needs to have the answers or content your visitors came to find. The majority of users now use their mobile devices for searches. As fewer people use computers for searches, it becomes more important to have a functional, attractive mobile website.

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