How to Make a Social Media Calendar

by | Sep 28, 2021

social media calendar

Are you new to the social media game? Well, here’s a pointer that we tell everyone… create a social media calendar! Ultimately, a social media calendar is an overview of your upcoming posts. While it seems fairly simple, it will save you lots of time and prevent major headaches in the future. Trust us. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a social media calendar and how you can create one for your business. 


What is a Social Media Calendar? 

As we said, a social media calendar is an overview of your upcoming social media posts. You have the freedom to choose what type of tool you use to organize your posts — the most common being a spreadsheet, Google calendar, or social media management dashboard. Depending on how big your brand is and how much you use social media, you make your calendar as simple or as complex as it needs to be. At TM, we have an annual social calendar, which focuses more on big picture ideas and topics that we’d like to focus on every month. We then use that annual calendar to work on our monthly calendars, which include all of our planned social posts and blogs. The content that you typically see on our page is written a month in advance. 


Why Use a Social Media Calendar?

We brushed upon this topic at the beginning, but we are firm believers that a social media calendar can leverage your marketing efforts. Here are some reasons why. You can:

• Save time by being organized

• Post consistently

• Proofread and minimize mistakes

• Brainstorm ideas and think about the big picture

• Plan ahead for special holidays/events/sales

• Less worrying about posting “in-the-moment” (aka prevent major headaches)


How to Make a Social Media Calendar

The first step we do before creating anything is brainstorming. We encourage you to sit down and think about what major ideas and topics you’d like to focus on on your social media. This could be anything from company news, industry insights, and insider tips to user-generated content, employee photos, and client testimonials.

It’s important to remember, the more work you put in on the front end, the less work you’ll have to do in the long run. In this instance, we’ll focus on how we make a monthly social media calendar. These are the details we include:

• The post’s text and creatives (image and video) – This is the meat and potatoes of your social media. This is what your followers will be seeing on their feeds, so you want it to be eye-catching, relevant, and timely. Spend time here researching suitable topics, gathering helpful information, writing interesting blogs, taking quality photos, and designing engaging illustrations. 

• The social media networks where the post will be published – Deciding what social media network you are posting on is an important step. Each network has its own unique niche and audience, so your posts should reflect that. For example, Instagram tends to favor high-quality photos, LinkedIn likes professional and industry-related posts, and Facebook does well with a variety of content but videos outperform most! 

• The date and time of posting – When choosing a date and time, think about when your audience is most active. In most cases, the afternoon on weekdays tends to be the best time for click-throughs. Here is a more in-depth blog about when and when not to post for each social media network. 

• Links, hashtags, and location – The majority of your posts should have a clear call to action and including a link is an effective way to do that. The link should make sense with the content of the post and allow the user to learn more/sign up/buy now/etc. Additional information that you can include on your posts that can help you get more exposure are hashtags and locations. For hashtags, pick and choose words that categorize your content and will help others find content on the same topic. For locations, listing your location lets others explore that location and look at recent and top posts from that place. 


Let’s Start Creating…

Creating a social media calendar will help grow your business in so many ways. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to us at Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, NE. We can help you strategically plan your social media, write your content, and engage with your followers. Let’s start creating together! 

Transformation Marketing is an online marketing agency that specializes in social media management, graphic design, web development, programmatic advertising, blog writing, and much more. Call us at 402-788-2896 to get started!

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