Personalized Ads for Hiring

As an employer, are you familiar with online trends? Using these trends in job advertisements is a great way to attract and engage potential applicants. Not only do personalized ads show that you’re in-the-know, but it also shows your brand’s personality. 

For example, earlier this year, we were hiring for an Online Marketing Coordinator at TM. We knew that the audience we were trying to target would be up-to-date on all the latest social media fads, so we thought why not use some current online trends for our job ad? What better way to catch a candidate’s eye than Shannon flossing?! (And no, not dental flossing, it’s a dance that became a viral sensation). Take a look at what we mean…

While it looks silly (ok, yes it is silly, but…), it uses a key strategy of personalization. If you know us at TM, you know that we like to work hard, but we like to have fun, too. Right off the bat, our mission mentions being “enthusiastic.” So, why not show that enthusiasm and attract talent that feels the same way? 

By posting a personalized ad, it will immediately set you apart from our competitors. First off, it’s memorable. If you’re shown a video ad like ours vs. a typical job listing, what will you remember a month from now? The answer’s pretty obvious. Also, this job ad was posted on social media and served to reach the right target audience. We know that some of the best candidates aren’t actively looking at career sites, so we decided to reach out to them by publishing it as a paid ad, which brings in a lot of young talent.  

How else can you show personalization in your job ads?

  • • Create a branded employer story: Make a video that highlights your work culture, values, or benefits.
  • • Include branded photos: If they consistently see and recognize your logo, they’ll be more likely to apply.
  • • Write an awesome job description: Know your target audience and shape your description around them while using strong verbs. 
  • • Catch up on the next viral craze: Regular check-in on social media and creatively fold trends into your marketing.


So, the next you’re wondering about how to attract and engage with candidates, think about how you can creatively personalize your ads. It doesn’t have to be a viral dance (though we wouldn’t judge). It could be as simple as sharing your employer’s story. Feel free to reach out to Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896 for any of your online marketing needs. In the meantime, stay hip ✌️


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