Importance of Monthly Reports

by | Aug 17, 2021

monthly reports

At Transformation Marketing, we always say “it comes down to trust and results.” We build trust by providing transparency of our plan and sharing the results through our in-depth monthly reports. As we continue to work with clients and network with other companies, we’ve realized that measuring results and reporting back to the client is less-heard-of nowadays. While it might not be the status quo for all agencies, we find importance in monitoring the performance of marketing strategies and sharing that with our clients.


Benefits of Monthly Reports

There are a variety of reasons why a business can benefit from doing monthly reports. Here’s why:

  • • Benchmark how your campaigns are performing — is it working or does it need some changes?
  • • Connect the dots by seeing data from different sources all in one report 
  • • Easily be able to present the data to your boss and/or other stakeholders all from one report
  • • Help others in your business understand the benefit/performance of marketing


Monthly Reports

Every month we report back to our clients about our/their marketing efforts. This report includes data from various platforms and shows the performance of each. We specifically use this information to help us track metrics and goals for our clients. The extra effort we put into monitoring platforms with these reports helps save us time and save our clients money. 

Every client is different depending on their plan, but here’s what we would typically report:

  • Online Marketing Reporting
    • Social Media Platforms
      • • For each client, we show the performance of their social media channels. We mostly work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube. We primarily focus on engagement metrics in this section — like followers, likes, comments, shares, impressions, reach, etc. 
        • Google Analytics for Website 
          • • We like to report on Google Analytics because it shows how much traffic a client’s website is getting, where they are coming from, and what they’re clicking on. We can also break down the performance of device types and channels. Common metrics you’d see in this section are total sessions, top referral sources, pages per session, average session duration, top landing pages, etc. 
        • Google My Business
          • • The Google My Business section shows exactly how many users searched and viewed a business on Google. In addition, we can see if users took further action like clicking on the website, making a phone call, or requesting directions. And, don’t forget about reviews and ratings! We can monitor what customers are saying about a client’s business as well. 
  • Programmatic Reporting 
    • • By using programmatic advertising, we are able to hyper-target ads to the exact audiences’ our clients want to reach. We can place ads to specifically run on websites, connected TV, connected audio, mobile devices, and apps. For most campaigns, we’re able to pull numbers for both ad impressions and clicks to the website. 
  • Google Ads Reporting
    • • Our Google Ad reports review the analytics of search, display, and remarketing campaigns. It specifically shows clicks and impressions for ads, top search terms, and devices. We can also refine the results to focus on click-through-rates and the average cost-per-click. 


Closing Thoughts

While these monthly reports have a lot of numbers and terms that our clients may not understand, we also write a summary of ALL the data in simpler terms. Reporting is beneficial in a variety of ways, but we want to be able to see the month-to-month data and share clear and detailed results with our clients. All in all, it lets us build trust while also delivering results. 

Are you tired of being left in the dark about your online performance? We’re happy to monitor your progress and report back to you about any marketing efforts. Give us a call at 402-788-2896 to learn more!




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