Asteroid plummeting towards EarthThat’s great it starts with an Earth… Quake… Birds ‘n Snakes and Aero-planes… The TM team is not afraid…

Several weeks ago, I called on a company in town to offer our services and connected with the company’s “Marketing Manager”. I got two sentences into my introduction when the man interrupted me with “Dude, Seriously? Marketing is OVER”. Which caused me to laugh out loud (thinking he was making a joke, especially considering he and I both pay the gas bill, with funds earned by… ummm… MARKETING).  Once I realized he wasn’t joking, my education began… “People under the age of 40 don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or pay any attention to ANY sort of online advertising.” Really? So, what do you do, Marketing Manager for (company name withheld)? He, missing the sarcasm, said, “I make (company) ‘human’ by showing we have a human side to everything we do.” Uh-huh, so how and where do you do that? “I don’t have time to educate you.” <click>

At first, I decided to laugh it off… but today I had a disturbingly similar conversation with someone elase. Is it really all over? Had I missed a newscast, email, or social media post? (Because, you know, I’m over 40 and those things still influence simple-minded people like me.) I did a quick Google search, which turned up nothing. I followed that with a Bing search, incase all 98,000 Google employees heard the news and went running out of the building to cash their paychecks before they bounced. Again… nothing.   

These conversations then got me to thinking about how many “end of…” conversations have yet to come to fruition. Email was the end of Direct Mail, Cable was the end of Network TV, Satellite was the end of cable, Netflix was the end of satellite, Napster was the end of radio, Sirius was the end of Radio, XM was the end of radio, SiriusXM teamed up to end radio, News websites would end newspaper And now… it’s all over. Millennials are all holled up in Mom and Dad’s basement without a TV, no radio, no printed material of any kind where all they have is a smartphone (where you can market your company)…

and stream TV (where you can market your company)

and surf the web (where you can market your company)

and watch YouTube (Need I go on?)

Don’t get me wrong; every facet of marketing has changed… DRASTICALLY! However, we feel pretty secure in our industry of marketing as long as we are keeping up with those changes, and trust me, at Transformation Marketing, we are.

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