Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you posting so many hashtags?” But the simple answer is, I want people to see my content!

Throughout the last few years of being an entrepreneur (yes you read that correctly, aside from working at TM I am also a business owner) I decided I would make an Instagram account for my business. At the beginning, I couldn’t fathom all the possibilities of connecting with potential customers but since beginning work at TM I have a better insight on how the Bean Team can help a business get started on Instagram, attract an audience, and keep those followers and likes increasing to help produce sales. Here are 5 things I have learned from using Instagram and hashtags to boost my own business on Instagram.


Instagram is loaded with creative and interesting pictures and videos, but what sets them apart from your own? Being able to generate, edit, and post unique videos and pictures of your business can help create a specific image for consumers to see. They can easily see what products, services, and events you are able to provide by simply viewing your content. Videos can be short or long, and pictures can be added one at a time or you can upload multiple to create a story. Whatever option you choose, your potential customer will see what you’re posting and determine whether or not that product will suite their needs or desires.


You won’t ever catch me posting a picture without adding at least 10 hashtags. Why, you ask? Every time you add a hashtag you are posting your content worldwide! Instagram has over 800 million users, thus, your content is going to be seen by a countless number of people. Users can search for a specific hashtag when browsing. For example, if you search “fishing” everything that has “fishing” for a hashtag will surface. Thousands of fishing products, actual pictures of fish. Anything, and I mean literally anything, that is fish related will pop up on your screen. Therefore, it is important to use relevant hashtags with your content so that the possibility of connecting with someone interested in your products or services increases. The more hashtags posted (limit of 30), the more views and likes you potentially get.


Whenever I post to Instagram I can easily check to see who liked my pictures or videos and see who followed me. I can click on each individual account and see how they may have similar interests to my own. This helps me realize just how often and how far my content is getting out to my target audience. If you decide to use popular hashtags, you can click on that specific hashtag itself and see everyone’s posts that relate to it. Therefore, you will be able to view and get ideas from various users and see what other products, services, or events are out there in comparison to your own. Also, if you follow a hashtag you associate with, you can then follow those pages so you are always seeing the latest posts and content they publish right away.


The best aspect of Instagram is the simplicity of the platform. It is definitely an innovative way to get your products and services out there to millions of people, so the fact that it’s user-friendly and intuitive is remarkable. When I see content I enjoy, I sometimes get curious about the person who posted it. Discovering it was an older adult, you know, like my grandparents’ age, is truly a satisfying feeling. There are not many social media platforms that are built to target children and grandparents alike, so Instagram excels in those areas. This gives your business or service a great way to connect with a specific target audience even if they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.


Instagram is always finding new ways to compete with other platforms so your posts are being viewed by numerous consumers. They have added a “Your Story” feature that lets you take a video or picture and it will be posted for only 24 hours at the top of a person’s page. You can add hashtags, link to a website, and even post information that may only be essential to one specific day. Instagram lets you post multiple pictures at a time where it was once one picture at a time. It has editing software for you to edit pictures and videos to make your posts more creative and stand out. You can even pay for ads in your area so you are confident customers around you will see the content being posted.


So, all-in-all, Instagram is a pretty neat platform that is easy to use and you can be confident millions of people have access to your business. It is a fascinating way to not only connect with others, but also see and share ideas that you wouldn’t normally catch while reading a magazine or flipping through channels on TV. Instagram is competitive with other social media platforms and gives you an enjoyable way to stay connected with friends, family, and even promote your own business. Contact Transformation Marketing for more information on how to get your business Instagram ready. We will help take the stress away by promoting your business on one of the most interactive platforms out there. We’ll use those hashtags like they are going out of style and get your business poppin’!

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