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Nowadays, more and more companies are establishing an online presence by setting up social media pages and entire websites geared toward promoting their services and products. By establishing an online presence, businesses are able to remain competitive while engaging with customers – and all while promoting their brand. However, building up a web presence doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time, research, dedication, and great content that will make people want to visit your website and learn more about your brand, services, and products.

If you’re just starting out and are in the process of building your website, you’ve probably started adding content and information to pages like your Home page, Contact page, and Product and Service pages. But have you given much thought to what kind of content to add to your About page? Believe it or not, your About page will be where many visitors go to learn about your company, your goals, and any services and products you plan on offering. It’s essentially one of your most important pages, which is why it’s so incredibly important to have content that is not only well-written, but also engaging, relatable, and informative. In addition, to help your website perform well in search results, you will want to devote some time to learn about SEO and the power of using the right keywords to improve website traffic.

Great Content Can Showcase Your Brand

Think of your About page as a window into your business and brand. Remember that many visitors to your website may not be familiar with who you are, what you are trying to sell, or what your brand stands for. Your About page is a great place to educate visitors in regards to who and what your brand is, including your mission, and the short and long-term goals of your company. To ensure your message gets across to people, you’ll want to spend a fair amount of time and energy in developing a clear picture of the tone you’re looking to convey through your website and the content you post. How do you want visitors to perceive your brand? Do you want to take a more conversational, friendly approach, or be more authoritative and formal? What topics will be discussed? If you have more team members than just yourself, consider holding meetings to determine the direction you want your website to take, and then, begin working on the content. If you’re not confident in your own writing skills, perhaps someone on your team can take on the role of a content writer. If that’s not feasible, consider hiring a writing contractor who specializes in writing content for websites.

In addition, when crafting content for your About page, don’t shy away from bragging a bit about your accomplishments, values, and community involvement. Adding details like these can go a long way toward fostering lasting relationships with potential customers and really adds a face to your brand.

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