How to Optimize LinkedIn for Your Business

by | Nov 21, 2019

LinkedIn has become a social network used for far more than finding and recruiting talent. It has also become a powerful search tool and social platform with strong content, influence, and reach. Stay ahead of the curve by learning how to optimize the use of LinkedIn for your business.


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Profile

If you have not yet set up an account, make sure your company has a profile. When setting up your profile, focus some effort on your Careers page, as well as the Products & Services page. These are both available in premium accounts, which are generally worth the small investment. Pay close attention to titles, subtitles, and other details. Keep these consistent and accurate across your profile. Make sure to use descriptive keywords that truly matter to your company and how it identifies itself.

Authentic, quality content is what matters most to achieve positive results. Visitors come to your page through an organic search, a search on LinkedIn, or through a direct link. Once there, your content needs to immediately captivate your audience. You also need to pay attention to LinkedIn’s metrics to track your audience engagement. Just as with search engine optimization, rankings on LinkedIn are based on keywords. The most important results are the conversion rates. You can see this when your audience interacts with your content, which makes optimization for conversions of the highest importance.


Expand Your Networking Circles

Captivating content is vital, and effective keyword research is great, too, but without a network of people to see your content, it does not matter. You need to use your LinkedIn profile to build a following, just as with any other social network. Adding followers on LinkedIn is like other social networks in some ways, but it still has its own unique characteristics.

Companies with a high number of employees registered generally have more followers. In fact, the top brands on LinkedIn have the majority of their employees registered. This makes a significant difference in your online community. Your employees’ presence on LinkedIn helps build a community of real people around your company. It’s worth your time to encourage your employees to register on LinkedIn. You then want them to link their accounts to your company’s. Their friends, family, neighbors, and more will begin to congregate around them in your network. This increases your company’s reach. This ripple effect can be a potential game-changer for LinkedIn marketing.


Produce Consistent, Quality Content

Your content on social media and your website needs to be of high-quality consistently. Less is more when it comes to this. It is better to produce better content less often than rushed content every hour. Keeping your audience engaged involves getting their attention. Then, you need to get them talking about your company. Interacting with customers, employees, and others in your network can be a great way to improve your image.

LinkedIn makes it pretty simple to post regular updates, so that you can engage followers easily. Company updates include: job openings, company updates, and thought-provoking materials. Keep creating whatever your audience cares about and reacts well to, which may take some trial and error. Always try to share content that you think would be useful to your audience.


Get More Recommendations

LinkedIn allows users to vote on companies’ products and services. The site displays these recommendations on the Products & Services page. Recommendations give a running commentary on your company. They show how accurately your company describes itself in its profile. This is a great way to check customer feedback on your performance. Getting recommendations gives you social proof that shows your business lives up to the image it projects.

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