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Here at TM, we’re always looking for sources and methods to continue our education, follow trends and stay ahead of the learning curve. Here are a few of our favorite websites and sources that help us stay sharp.


There are several online publications and resources that I utilize on a regular basis to keep me up-to-date with everything that is happening in the digital marketing world. Some of my favorites are:

Adweek: I like Adweek because it is a daily publication that comes right to my email each morning. It contains articles about trends, leaders in the industry, spotlights on unique advertising efforts and endeavors put forth by companies around the world, and more. Sometimes there’s not much that sparks my interest and sometimes I want to read every article that’s mentioned – but, regardless, it’s nice to see what actual people are doing in the marketing sphere (versus just reading statistics).

Google Best Practices: Whether I like it or not, I’m basically “a Google girl living in a Google world” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) – and, Google Best Practices helps me to stay up-to-date on everything…well… “best practice” related in Google’s domain. This is also an email-based subscription, and the content always varies – the email that I’m looking at right now is about Google’s Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool and how it can assist with gaining insight into who’s seeing the ads you’re placing. Also, as a side note, I always chuckle just a little whenever these emails hit my inbox because several months ago Lacy, Travis, and myself had a very long and drawn out conversation with an individual who insisted that there were no “best practices” when it comes to Google (for ads, SEO, or otherwise)…clearly, Google (and most of the rest of the world) disagrees. 🙂

Think With Google: There’s a lot of us in this office that receive these little nuggets of goodness from Google, and for good reason, too – they contain lots of GREAT information! A lot of the information is rooted in statistics (which I L-O-V-E!!!) and focuses on what consumers/users are doing on the internet and how they’re using different platforms to research products, watch videos, find information about businesses, etc. What I love most about Think With Google is that it adds the “numbers element” to the story, so that we’re able to get a much more multi-dimensional look at trends and usages across the internet.


I’m a podcast lover and a personal development junkie, so I am all about listening to great podcasts while I work, clean and drive. Here are some of my faves: 

Adam Stanley’s leadership podcast and Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast.

    • I’ve learned some truly great and timely tips that I’ve passed along to our entire management team from these two podcasts. These gentlemen are passionate leaders with lots of great experience. I appreciate their willingness to share with others. 

Rachel Hollis’s RISE podcast.

    • She’s a no-BS gal that will tell it to you like it is, and I like that. She really makes you take a second look at yourself and how you interact with others. 

In addition to podcasts on leadership, it’s important that I stay on top of current marketing trends. For this, I really enjoy conferences and training seminars. Emerging myself in the information helps me to be laser-focused on getting all the info I can to take back to the team and apply it.


Think with Google: TM’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Kyle, put me on to this content. Think with Google provides subscribers with multiple topics of interest to choose from, and will send you emails with articles explaining new insights they found in their data. For me, this includes keyword search trends, consumer insights and usable metrics

copyblogger: If you do content writing of any form, copyblogger is a great email subscription. Their blog and email subscription provide great insights and strategies for persuasive writing techniques.

Even better, Sonia Simone hosts the copyblogger FM podcast, where she covers content marketing, copywriting, freelance writing, and social media marketing. It’s a great tool to listen to on your commute or over lunch if you’re in a creative slump. Most episodes are only 20 minutes long.


Think with Google is one of my favorites, I have been a fan for quite a while. I also like MarTech and Marketing Land for industry trends. These 3 work together to give me a broader, digital bent view of the industry as a whole that I can use to make better long-term decisions for each and every site I work on.


I like The website is part-database, part-publication. It collects marketing data and turns out useful charts.

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