Holiday Marketing 101

by | Dec 7, 2018

Presents and gift bags

Research shows that 61 percent of shoppers are willing to buy from new stores during the holidays. Time is of the essence during the holiday season, as many people procrastinate buying gifts and leave themselves with less time and more urgency.

This provides marketers with a double-edged sword: provide customers with content, but don’t waste their time. A customer may avoid your product entirely if the content they receive wastes their time. On the other hand, if the content they come across is exactly what they’re looking for, they will be more inclined to make a purchase. This new customer can potentially turn into an advocate if they enjoy your product, but may also turn into a ghost if given the wrong content.

Providing customers with productive content becomes a tipping point in the buying funnel during the holiday season. Here are some tips to help your company’s visibility during the holidays.


Utilize a blog

Marketing isn’t about enticing customers to your product, it’s about helping them purchase a product that will fulfill their wants and needs. Just make sure that fulfilling product is your product.

Blogging is an incredibly undervalued marketing tool. It’s cost efficient, shareable, generates leads and educates customers by providing them with relevant content. Not only can your blogs be found through Google searches, but they can be pushed out through social media, as well.

If you haven’t started a company blog, you should, and the holiday season is a great time to do it. Maybe you could write a blog about gift guides. For example, a hardware store can publish a blog on “Buy Gifts for Dad” or a hair salon could use a similar tactic and write a blog called “Why Mom Wants a Gift Certificate.”


Get Charitable

The holiday season is the season of giving, so jump in on the fun!

Hosting charitable drives is beneficial on multiple fronts. To start, it’s good for public relations, but it can also increase sales and have lasting positive effects on your business.

A common fundraising event is for businesses to partner with a charity and donate a portion of each sale to the partnered charity. You can partner with a large charity for name recognition or you can partner with a local charity to directly benefit your community, where customers can directly benefit. You really cannot go wrong with either.

Choosing the best event time is essential to maximizing customers walking through your doors. A week provides ample time for customers, but hinders urgency, while setting the event for one day (like a Saturday) creates urgency but limits time for customer engagement.

This form of charity might be common, but that’s because it works. Hosting a charity event makes customers feel better about their purchases and is definitely worth their time if the charity is meaningful to them. Plus, it shows your community that you care.


Get mobile

Mobile internet use has recently surpassed the desktop, and roughly half of shoppers make purchases on a smartphone. If you haven’t optimized your local outreach, now is the time to do so.

Maybe even more importantly, people are increasingly dependent on their smartphones, more now than ever. Before, customers had to know their surroundings to find the stores they were looking for. Now they can simply search “clothing stores near me” and find a list of options.

Remember the first sentence of this blog? 61 percent of shoppers are willing to buy from new stores during the holiday. This is your time to shine! Make sure you’re on the list when they search for stores nearby.


Don’t forget about the store

Stores are great during procrastination season—aka the holidays. It’s simply more affordable and convenient to buy straight from a store rather than pay $15 for one-day shipping. Nearly 80 percent of shoppers prefer to purchase in stores on a time crunch. In addition, over 60 percent of shoppers prefer brands with a physical location rather than one which is purely online. Plus, there’s just something special about buying directly from a store rather than online.

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