Ways to Give Back to Your Community

by | Jun 22, 2021

give back to community

Earlier this month, we wrote a blog about fun summer marketing ideas for businesses. Our last point was “giving back to the community.” Whether you want to give back to your community by volunteering time or donating money, it can positively reflect your business and impact your city. Not that your only motive should be getting publicity, but it’s a great way to promote your business and spread the word while doing some good. Here are some ideas to help get you started…

  • Volunteer at a Food Bank 
    • Food banks are an essential part of our communities because they care for our most vulnerable community members. Whether you want to serve a meal, hand out meal kits, or deliver food, it will only take a few hours out of your day but will leave an impact on those in need. 
  • Pick Up Trash
    • Helping organizations and people in need is important but so is taking care of our earth! Organize a cleanup day to pick up trash at a local park, trail, or community area. It will spruce up your city, and it’s a good way to get outside and get some fresh air.  
  • Support Your Local Farmers
    • We’re based in rural Nebraska, so we know the hard work our neighboring farmers put into their crops. You can help out your local farmers by attending a Farmer’s Market or stopping by a produce stand and buying some fresh fruit and vegetables. 
  • Donate Blood
    • If you’re willing and able to donate blood, it can help save a life. As a company, you can host a blood drive or seek out other opportunities around the area to do so. It’s an invaluable cause, and there’s always a need. 
  • Sponsor a Youth Sports Team
    • Sponsoring a local sports team is a fun way to get involved with the youth of your community. Sports teach kids to stay healthy and how to work well with others. When you sponsor a team, you help keep the participation cost down, which means more kids are able to play. 
  • Volunteer at a Senior Center
    • Senior Centers can sometimes be lonely, so bringing in a new face can light up their world. There’s a variety of ways people can volunteer for senior centers — playing cards, reading books, or just simply spending time and having conversations with them. No matter what you do, it will be very much appreciated by the residents and staff members. 
  • Organize an Item Drive
    • Not everyone has money to afford a stocked pantry of food and a closet full of clothes. By organizing an item donation drive, you can simply donate the items you don’t use or don’t need anymore. Food, clothing, and diaper drives are quite popular.
  • Donate Money to a Local Fundraiser/Charity
    • If you have the resources to donate money, a local fundraiser or charity will surely cherish your donation. Find an organization whose mission and purpose resonates with you and/or your business. Donating money is the perfect solution to give back to those who need it most. 


Closing Thoughts

Giving back to your community is good for business and for your city. Any of these activities can be turned into a staff event as well to help build employee morale and develop a sense of camaraderie. 

Transformation Marketing values community and teamwork. As a team, TM has hosted blood drives, volunteered for mentoring programs, raised money for local causes, amongst other random acts of kindness. Are you ready to give back? Let us know how we can help support you and your business at 402-788-2896!



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