Email Isn’t Dead

by | Aug 20, 2020

Did you know that goldfish have higher attention spans than humans? While you can hold a goldfish’s attention for nine seconds, you only have eight seconds to wow humans. That hasn’t always been the case. The human attention span used to be 12 seconds, but then the mobile revolution hit. The digitalized lifestyle has caused attention spans around the globe to drop, making some people wonder if email marketing is dead. If attention spans are so short, is email marketing still viable? Email marketing is still a powerful tool, but you need to fine-tune your campaign to accommodate shorter attention spans. Here are some tips you can follow to reach people with short attention spans.

Spend Extra Time on the Subject Line

Subject lines have always been vital, but in the time of shorter attention spans, they are even more critical. If you don’t grab people’s attention with the subject line, they aren’t going to click on the email. While you don’t want to make false promises in the subject line, you need to make it enticing. Also, you need to be descriptive while also keeping it short. Test different subject lines to find out what your audience responds to and then use those lines to increase your open rates.

Create Scannable Content

If you read blog posts online these days, you’ve noticed that they’re scannable. They break up content with features like:

  • – Headlines
  • – Bullet points
  • – Lists


People can quickly go to a bullet point or headline to get the main idea. You need to use the same concept when writing emails. Scannable emails are perfect for people with short attention spans. Start with the most crucial piece of information and then use headers, lists, and bullet points so people can scan it. It should only take a few seconds for people to understand what information your email contains. Then, if they like what they see, they can dive in.

Use Interactive Content

Interactive content is an excellent choice for people with short attention spans. Include polls where people can respond or use images that allow people to toggle to the next one. You can even include some gifs in your emails. When you have interactive content, people will have fun reading your emails. This type of content lengthens the attention spans, so you can get your point across without losing readers.

Consider the Timing

People’s attention spans tend to dwindle as the day goes on. Reach them when their eyes and minds are fresh by sending your emails in the morning. If you send your emails between 9-11 a.m., you should get a better response. Of course, with email marketing, everything is about testing. Try different times in the morning to see when your list is the most responsive.

Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile-friendly

Short attention spans mean people often read emails and click on offers while on the go. If you want to reach people with short attention spans, you have to go to them. That means your emails need to be mobile-friendly. Make sure your emails are correctly formatted for mobile devices. Failure to do so will put you at an extreme disadvantage.

Start Building an Email Marketing Campaign That Converts

When you create an email marketing campaign for people with short attention spans, you will position yourself to succeed. Your campaign will entice people, expanding their attention spans. Then your readers will look forward to your messages landing in their inboxes. Start creating your campaign today and measure the results. You should notice that your conversions increase.

If you need help with creating successful email campaigns yourself, don’t hesitate to give TM a call at 402-788-2896!

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