Testing Out AudioEye Technology


How can technology lend a hand to accessibility and inclusivity? AudioEye is a digital accessibility platform that allows businesses to reach and retain accessibility compliance. Businesses can now eliminate barriers of digital content by using advanced artificial intelligence.

Benefits of AudioEye

AudioEye gives a business’s website visitors a fully unique and customizable user experience. While this technology is useful on any website, we see it particularly beneficial for audiences made up of elderly individuals and individuals who have vision, hearing, motor and intellectual disabilities. Specifically, this tool can be very helpful for those who are colorblind, dyslexic, learning to read, learning another language, or prefer listening instead of reading.

By using this technology, businesses can ensure that their websites are ADA and WCAG compliant, which in return, reduces the risk of a costly lawsuit. 

What’s in the Toolkit?

There are a variety of tools offered that allow visitors to more easily understand and interact with websites. These tools include:

  • • Big Cursor
  • • Reading Guide
  • • Emphasis Bar
  • • Contrast
  • • Keyboard Focus
  • • Highlight Headings, Links, and Buttons
  • • Text Size
  • • Text Spacing
  • • Change Font
  • • Disable Animations
  • • Display Alternate Text
  • • Reading Aloud

How Does It Work?

When AudioEye is installed on a business’s website, each web page is tested for accessibility errors and risks that would prevent someone with a disability from being able to use the site. Once the problems are identified, the technology automatically fixes those issues while the page loads for every visitor. AudioEye will continue to monitor each website so that it’s always providing the most accurate and relevant tools.


Putting It to the Test

Last month, we launched our first client website with AudioEye. As a health care provider, Fletcher Chiropractic wanted to update their website to be more professional, modern, and accessible. With the help of this new technology, they can be rest assured knowing that their patients can clearly understand and interact with their website from now on. 

Check out the technology yourself, go to their website, click on the person icon in the bottom right-hand corner, and follow the prompts to test out each tool. 


Get It On Your Own Website

Are you wanting to install AudioEye technology onto your website but don’t know where to start? Contact us today! For more information, please call Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896.




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