Why You Should Never “Set It and Forget It” With Paid Ads

by | Aug 27, 2019

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Paid ads are an excellent way to drive traffic to landing pages. However, companies often make the mistake of setting up ad campaigns and forgetting about them. They think as long as they set up solid campaigns, they don’t have to pay any more attention to paid ads. In reality, the “set it and forget it” mentality never provides optimal results.


Your Competitors Will Enter the Advertising Space

New companies start paid ad campaigns on a daily basis. When you first set your campaign up, you might have only had a few competitors. However, the competition can grow by the day. Competitors that know how to manage ad campaigns will soon take over the ad space if you don’t make adjustments.


You’ll Never Improve Your Click-through and Conversion Rates

Are you OK with your ad campaigns just being good enough? No, you want to have a solid return on investment, and that means you need to have an optimized campaign. The only way to achieve that is with proper A/B testing. Smart marketers understand that all ads need to be tested, and testing should never stop. This allows marketers to constantly improve click-through and conversion rates.


Bid Prices Change

Bid prices can change, and if you don’t make adjustments, you will be outbid. That means your ads will not run at the top of the results. Instead, your ads will be buried, if they show up at all. You need to monitor your campaign so you can adjust your bids accordingly.


You Will Miss Out on Search Trends

When you set up your ad campaign, you likely thought about specific search trends. You realized that was the best way to get out in front of your potential customers.
Those trends were hot when you set up your ads, but what about now? Trends change constantly in the online marketing world. Your customers are likely using different keywords to find your products, so they aren’t triggering your ads. You need to constantly manage your ads to benefit from the current trends.


You Miss Out on a Sense of Urgency

Paid ads that include a search of urgency convert well. If you set your ads up and forget about them, it makes it more difficult to cash in on this. By constantly managing your ads, you can also promote new offers. This will help you turn more people into customers.


Your Campaign’s Score Will Tank

Did you know that Google, Facebook, and other sites that serve online ads score ads and campaigns? These scores impact how much you pay for ads and also how often your ads are shown. If you fail to manage your campaign, you won’t know what your score is. Your score will likely get lower and lower since you aren’t making any changes to improve your ads. Soon, your ads will be incredibly expensive and won’t reach many people. That will make your ad campaign ineffective.


You Won’t Know If You’re Reaching Your Goals

You should always set goals when creating a paid advertising campaign. Setting goals is one thing but measuring them is another. You need to check in on your campaign to see if you are reaching your goals. Then, you must make adjustments as needed. Failing to do so means you will also fail at reaching your goals.


Get Help Managing Your Paid Ads

Managing paid ads is not an easy job. There are lots of moving parts, and if you don’t understand the process, you will have trouble optimizing your campaigns. Fortunately, Transformation Marketing is here to help. With 15 years of experience, we can create and manage your paid ad campaigns.


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