Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Marketing Agency

by | Jan 3, 2019

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In a world with so much information in the palm of your hands, marketing your small business to cut through that clutter is essential. A smartphone is more powerful than the computers used to launch NASA’s Apollo space shuttle. These phones have access to infinite information—almost anything since man began recording history is available at our fingertips. With all this space rendered into the 6-inch piece of glass in your pocket, how can a small business float to the top?

With all that information at our fingertips, it’s important to note that not many people use their smartphones to access the Library of Congress. In fact, the top five daily uses for smartphones are:



  • Texting
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Camera
  • News

Still, think of all the information available on news apps, social media and every digital medium in between. Many small businesses lack the marketing resources needed to compete with the movers and shakers of their industry. This is why outsourcing your marketing can work wonders. Here’s how:

Access to Resources

Marketing agencies have multiple clients, meaning they also use multiple marketing tools for each one. A marketing agency holds years of experience with the tools any small business will need and can tailor their marketing efforts to the business’s specific demographics.

Just like Best Buy must stay up-to-date on the latest technological trends, so do marketers. Google, Adobe and tons of other companies provide marketers with tools to ease their jobs. They must stay ahead on the technology to succeed, and a small business will gain direct access to those tools, reaping the benefits from this new tech without actually researching, purchasing, or learning how to use it.

Multiple eyes on changes/trends

Marketing is one of the most fast-paced industries today. With the decline in print, TV and Radio and rise in podcasts, video streaming, social media and everything digital, all of this can get lost in the day-to-day of staying on top of a sometimes overwhelmed small business.

Your staff becomes more efficient

The staff of a small business will no longer be overwhelmed with marketing efforts when a marketing agency is hired. Instead, the in-house staff can focus on other means to improve their business.

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Save money

The monthly price of hiring a marketing firm outweighs the price of hiring a full marketing team. To create a marketing team, a small business will have to hire a graphic designer, content writer, strategist, social media manager and marketing coordinator at the very least, or dump these burdens on the current employees, turning attention away from their primary duties. By hiring a marketing firm, a business purchases access to a team of full-time employees who dedicate their entire day to perfecting these efforts.

Creative minds—Ideas from a different perspective

Employees at marketing agencies might not be experts in your field, but they’re consumers too. Even better, they’re consumers with marketing expertise. A marketing team can provide a fresh set of eyes to your product and get a better understanding of your product from a consumer standpoint. What a small business believes is a key feature to their product might seem different from the eyes of the consumer, which a marketing team can help to discover.

Allow business owners to focus on what they’re good at

Marketing is becoming increasingly important for every business and this trend is likely to rise substantially before slowing down. This can be a huge thorn in the sides of business owners, especially if marketing isn’t their specialty. A Marketing firm will take the marketing load and allow business owners to focus on what they’re good at.

We’re a small business too

Smaller marketing agencies, such TM, are a smaller team as well. We understand what it’s like to make a small business succeed. Just like we market for our clients, we have to market ourselves too. We’re a small business, too! You can rest assured knowing the best practices we’re using for our small business will be applied to yours, as well. 

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