Why Are Podcasts So Popular?

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Podcasts have become a source of entertainment, knowledge, and humor for many different people for a variety of reasons. People listen to podcasts while cooking, cleaning, running, or while on their morning commute. Because of this, podcasts have grown in popularity since the early 2000s. But why are podcasts so popular?

It’s a Time Saver

Let’s be honest; not everyone has time to sit down and read. Whether that be the latest news, a fun fantasy book, or an interview with your favorite celebrity. Time is an important factor. The best part of podcasts is that it’s easy to multitask. Listening to a podcast allows you to do two tasks at the same time. You’re able to get that true crime fix on your morning commute or listen to your favorite news show on your early AM jog. They’re a huge source of knowledge as well, and you can learn all about marketing and business strategies, history, or even the stock market during your daily chores!

There Are Podcasts for Everyone

There are so many different genres of podcasts. It doesn’t matter if you like fiction, history, sci-fi, news, or you want to learn something new – there is a podcast out there for you! Any topic you might be interested in, there is likely a podcast out there. It is easier than ever for content creators to share what they love on a podcast platform, which helps keep listeners engaged. 

Take a look at the top podcasts of 2021 here, something might catch your eye!

Podcasts Are Intimate

Podcasts are able to create an intimate connection with their following. If you are listening to a podcast, it often feels like you are having a conversation with the podcaster and getting to know them personally. This person could be a celebrity, someone you admire, or an expert in your industry. It’s so easy to learn from various industry experts through this platform.

Podcasts Are Part of the Future

With how quickly podcasts are growing in popularity, which is almost 24% of the United States population listening to multiple episodes weekly, they’re going to be a big part of the future. They have a large amount of untapped potential, especially with marketing! Various industry leaders have begun to use them to share content, various tips, and tricks, and educate people on how to succeed in their industry. These industries range from marking to business to finance. Many companies have begun to use podcasts as a new platform to reach their audience as well.

Closing Thoughts

Podcasts are quickly gaining popularity with a variety of audiences for many reasons. There is a podcast for everyone, and they’re much more than just an audio blog. They’re pieces of content that will last forever and continue to grow throughout the years to come. 

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