What’s New on Pinterest?

by | Nov 19, 2022

PinterestMillions of businesses thrive using Facebook and Instagram tools, but can Pinterest offer the same opportunities for success? The platform is primarily a source of visual inspiration, but recently, it announced new features that can change the game for merchants. It also rolled out new tools that can provide valuable insight into consumer trends.

To help you take advantage of Pinterest for your business, here are all the latest features you can find on the platform and how to use them. 


Your Shop and Checkout

Your Shop is a new shopping destination on Pinterest. It’s tailored to every user’s needs, displaying brands and products based on what you’ve been searching for and pinning on the platform. 

That way, you can browse and shop according to your preferences and won’t have to exit Pinterest to look for your wishlist items elsewhere. Merchants should take this opportunity to upload their catalogs on Pinterest so their products can appear in users’ personalized shops. 

To complement Your Shop, Pinterest added a checkout feature to give users a complete shopping experience on the platform. 


Pinterest API for Shopping

The Pinterest API for Shopping lets merchants upload their catalogs and automate updates. That way, the prices and availability of items are always updated in real time, and merchants can reach more users on the platform and increase their sales. Here’s everything you can do with this new feature:

Upload a Feed

Merchants can use the Pinterest API for Shopping to upload single or multiple feeds and manage them. They can pause or delete them, control the scheduling, and receive alerts. 

Create Product Groups

On the Shop Tab, merchants can use filters to group their products according to brand, product type, category, price, and more. They can also use these groups to promote certain products in a campaign. 

Provide Metadata in Real Time

Merchants can provide customers with accurate and real-time information about their products. The Pinterest API will reflect the changes as soon as you make them on your end. You don’t have to worry about bandwidth because it doesn’t update your whole catalogjust the items with new information. 


Pinterest Trends 

Pinterest is always on top of trends and can even predict them before they happen. While it shares its unique insights through the annual Pinterest Predict report, merchants now have access to valuable data through the Pinterest Trends tool. It has various features, such as tailored recommendations, real-time data search, and audience segmentation tools. 


Idea Ads

Idea Pins are a way for users to share inspiring content with up to 20 pages of images, videos, and text. They provide all the information you need about a particular topic, whether fitness, cooking, or photography. Soon, users will have the option to turn Idea Pins into Idea Ads and drive engagement. 

Currently, creators can include sponsored items in their Idea Pins. Pinterest is currently working on a paid partnership tool so merchants can promote these Idea Pins as ads and expose them to a larger audience. 


The Bottom Line

It’s a great time for merchants to show up on Pinterest and boost sales, given these new shopping features. People go to Pinterest for inspiration, but when they see that there are brands behind these beautiful images, they’re more likely to make a purchase. They get the complete shopping experience, from finding ideas to checking out. For more information, you can contact Transformation Marketing at 402-788-2896.

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