You’ve likely heard marketers talk about the importance of online engagement, but you still aren’t sure what it means for your business. Do you really need to increase your engagement levels? What are the benefits? Find out why online engagement is so important for businesses of all sizes, and then implement your own plan to increase engagement.


Boost Reach

Social media networks use algorithms to determine who sees what posts. The algorithm puts a heavy weight on engagement, meaning if you don’t get much engagement, few people will see your posts.

Facebook announced this change in 2018. At the beginning of the year, the social media giant announced that it will prioritize posts that receive meaningful engagement. That means that pages with posts that don’t see much engagement will see a decline in their reach. You can overcome this by creating engaging posts that people like, comment on, and share. That will increase your reach on Facebook and other social media channels.

This isn’t the only way to increase your engagement reach. When people engage with your content, their followers see it as well. Then, if their followers engage, it reaches an entirely new audience. Engagement can help you build a larger online following, and turn those new followers into customers.


Build Trust

Building trust is one of the most important priorities for your business. Once you build trust, people will be more willing to hand over their hard-earned money. Online engagement can give your brand a huge boost when it comes to trust. When people engage with your brand in positive ways, they are showing that they trust you. Others see that engagement as a sign that your brand is trustworthy. That trust can spread like wildfire across social media, which in turn can help you increase sales.


Engaged Customers Buy More

The more engaged a customer is, the more he or she buys. Those who engage less than once a week tend to buy more products than those who don’t engage in all. Customers who engage with content once a week or more buy even more products.


Improve Brand Loyalty

There’s a lot of talk about the purchase funnel. Marketers are supposed to move people through the funnel to make sales. There isn’t as much focus on the return trip through the funnel, and that is a shame. It costs five times more to get a new customer than it does to retain one you already have. You can retain more customers by improving your online engagement. Engagement is a sign of loyalty, and loyal customers are much easier to retain. Work on boosting your engagement levels, so you can push the same people through your purchase funnel over and over again.


Personalize and Humanize Your Brand

Engagement isn’t a one-way street. Smart marketers understand the importance of engaging with customers as well. This can help you personalize and humanize your brand. As you reach out to customers who engage with your brand, they will realize there is a person behind the brand. This can further create brand loyalty and trust. It will also make you stand out among the sea of brands in your industry. Yours will be the brand with a personal touch, and that can help you make more sales.


Do You Have an Engagement Strategy?

Online engagement doesn’t just happen. You need a strategy to optimize engagement across all your marketing channels. Once you develop your strategy, you will be ready to put your plan into action. Then you will watch your engagement levels grow and begin to enjoy all the benefits provided.

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