Remember back in English class, when you thought you would never use the lessons your teacher went over in class? Fast forward a few years, and you spend your days writing copies for websites and creating blog posts. Now, you realize a single grammar mistake can cause potential customers to choose another company. Check out the most common grammar mistakes so that you can avoid them.


They’re, Their, and There

If you spend any time reading blog posts or on social media, you realize the country is facing an epidemic. Countless people don’t know the difference between they’re, their, and there. If you’re one of the many, it’s time to make a change, so you don’t alienate those who do. Use “they’re” in place of they are. For instance, you could write, “They’re going to the store.” Use “their” when writing about something that a group owns. For example, “It’s their house.” Use the word “there” when writing about a place, such as “I want to go there.”


Calling a Business “They”

You’ve probably been guilty of this from time to time. Many people refer to a specific business as “they.” For example, if you were talking about Best Buy, you might say, “they sell TVs.” A business should be called “it” and not “they.” Fortunately, this grammar mistake is easy to avoid.


Your and You’re

People also mess up when writing “your” and “you’re.” These two words have different meanings, but lots of people use them interchangeably. “You’re” stands for you are, so you might write, “You’re a great person.” “Your” signifies that something belongs to a person. For example, you would write, “How is your marketing class going?”


Incomplete Comparisons

Incomplete comparisons are also common online. Even the best marketers can make this mistake from time to time. You’ll make this mistake if you start to compare something but don’t finish the thought. For example, you might write, “Our product is better.” That leaves the question, “better than what?” You need to finish the comparison to avoid this mistake.


Me and I

“Me” and “I” can also be tricky. People tend to default to “I” when writing because they think it sounds more formal. However, this leads to lots of misuses. Check out this sentence to see what’s wrong with it.

“When you finish your call, send the notes to Joe and I.”

Now, do this little trick. Take Joe’s name out of that sentence and read it back. You wouldn’t ask someone to send notes to “I.” You would say “me.” That means the correct sentence reads, “When you finish your call, send the notes to Joe and me.” 

Use that little trick when writing. It will help you avoid misusing “me” and “I.” Then you will show off your grammar skills. 


Its and It’s

“Its” and “it’s” are misused so often that you might not even notice it. However, there’s a good chance that your customers will, so you need to watch out for this mistake. “Its” is used when something is associated with or belongs to someone or something. For example, if you were writing about a TV, you might write, “Plug the HDMI cable into its port.” “It’s” stands for “it is.” You could write, “It’s time to start using proper grammar.” 


Avoid These Mistakes

Grammar mistakes make your business look sloppy. When people see mistakes, they might think that you don’t pay attention to details. That can hurt your business. Proofread everything, paying special attention to these mistakes. Avoid them, so your copy entices people instead of turning them off from your business.

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