Top 5 Color Combinations for a Color Palette

by | Nov 18, 2019

Picking the right color combinations for marketing materials can be a challenge. Not everyone has an instinct to pick the right colors that complement each other. Other times, marketers may just need inspiration. Knowing how to choose the right color combinations is essential to an excellent marketing design. It is also good to know some popular color combinations for times when you may be out of ideas. In this article, we will give you some tips for picking great color combinations for your palette. We will also give you our top five color combinations for a marketing color palette.


Picking the Right Color Combinations


When creating a color scheme, base the rest of the scheme around the most prominent color. Try to keep lighter colors up top and darker colors near the bottom. You can consult the color wheel to see which colors share a similar feel. The color wheel also shows you which colors “go together.” You can see for yourself whether colors clash or complement.

The nearer two colors are on the color wheel, the more natural they will feel together. Remember that your marketing materials’ color scheme will say a lot about you. It will help tell the story of who your company is. It also tells your audience what to expect when interacting with your brand. Your color scheme is the first characteristic many consumers will notice about your marketing materials. Making sure your materials immediately catch the eye is vital to success.

Well-matched colors show that your company takes its image seriously. Creating an appealing color palette for your marketing materials is an important way to show customers you care about how they see your brand. But picking something bland just to be safe is also detrimental to your brand’s appeal. You watch your color palette to be cohesive but also unique. This sets you apart from the competition.


Our Top 5 Color Combinations


1. Red and yellow

Red and yellow are a classic, bold color combo. Together, they communicate life and energy. This color combo easily draws the reader’s eye toward logo centers and flyer highlights. Red and yellow are both vibrant, dominating colors. Make sure to use them in moderation.


2. Pink and purple

Pink and purple are warm, playful colors. They also show some determination. Brighter pinks can add an energetic feel. Purple and darker pinks can be a more mature counterweight. Blogs, beauty salons, and more utilize pink and purple for color schemes all the time.


3. Yellow and black

Yellow and black can be lighthearted (think of the classic smiley face) or more serious. Depending on how you use these colors, they can convey energy and entertainment. It is no wonder that black and darker grays are popular in the entertainment industry. These colors often add a mysterious quality that does not take itself too seriously.


4. Purple and Orange

Purple and orange are a less common color combo. These can be riskier because they can sometimes clash. However, if used strategically, weird color combos can really work. Warmer oranges and purples can give an elegant touch. Together, these colors can communicate warmth and light. Dark combinations are also good for home furnishing brands, fashion, beauty, and cultural organizations.


5. Green and Blue 

Green and blue are calm, empathetic colors. They can be tranquil, like with more sea-colored blues and greens. They can also have some spark to them with brighter blues and greens. These colors give off youthful, energetic vibes. Brighter greens and blues are popular in fashion, entertainment, and media. This is because both colors complement well to catch viewers’ attention.

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