Feedback in the Workplace

by | Mar 12, 2020

The Evolution of Performance Expectation and Feedback in the Workplace

Performance expectations and feedback in the workplace have evolved significantly in recent decades. The types of jobs and ways people work has never been more diverse. Today’s labor force is well-educated, expertly trained, and long for interesting, engaging work.

Modern workers across the board tend to desire to build a career in new and untraditional ways. Lots of individuals seek to develop a unique set of skills and experience in various positions in different businesses or industries. More than ever, workers want to be involved in decision-making and take on leadership roles.

What Drives the Modern Worker?

Workers are increasingly inclined to independence and a desire for increased responsibility. Workers also expect to be appropriately compensated for their skills and work. It is not uncommon for workers to have 10 to 15 jobs in their careers. Often, workers are seeking more professional growth opportunities.

Workers who have extensive experience in varied, distinct work environments are often skilled at quickly adapting and taking proactive labor roles. Since employees often have to be more self-sufficient than ever, they are changing by becoming far more professionally flexible. This also means that performance expectations are higher in many ways than in previous years.

What’s Expected of the Modern Worker?

Modern employees are expected to live up to several performance goals. Workers are required to report to work according to their employers’ schedules rather than vice-versa. Some workers have the benefit of paid leave, but these individuals are usually still required to work on-site for exact shifts. This makes leaving early or arriving late more problematic than in the past when scheduling was not as precise. Modern workers are expected to have an exacting efficiency in these matters.

Workers should perform their duties with perfect professionalism, whether dealing with customers or fellow employees. They are also likely to devote their full attention and energies to work during their scheduled shifts, only stopping at designated times or with permission. Workers are expected to treat supervisors and managers politely, even under challenging difficult circumstances.

Modern employees are usually required to maintain their certifications and training requirements. While some employers provide these, this is not always the case. Workers often bear a large amount of responsibility for ensuring the safety of their workplace. And they are usually charged with resolving most professional problems and disputes, even if there are company standards they must follow.

The modern workplace helps eliminate illegal, unethical, and fraudulent behavior. Workers are still often required to enforce workplace expectations and provide feedback that instigates changes. This responsibility means that workers must work out issues internally or seek the appropriate external organizations (police, attorneys, etc.).

Finally, the modern worker must meet, and often exceed, the performance expectations set by their employer. Workers should perform or produce efficiently, even above the specified standards required. This has led workers to want more independence in exchange for this added responsibility. Most workers want the ability to execute tasks and complete projects without being told when or how.

Effectively Setting Performance Expectations

The needs and desires of modern workers are complex, and no two workers are the same. Each has priorities and motivations that you should identify to understand how best to work with them. Making sure that workers and their supervisors, managers, and employers share the same expectations is vital. Expectations should be set as soon as possible, preferably before hiring is completed. Employers should listen for feedback from workers and potential hires to better address their concerns. Clear communication from start to finish is key to a healthy, functional workplace.

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