Email marketingWithin marketing, employees are always in search for the best ways to communicate with their customers. You have several different platforms to display your content: social media, emails, cold calling, advertising, reviews, links… the list goes on. However, each platform is used for different scenarios, and its up to you and your team to decide the best way to reach your customer.

Email marketing is great to use when you want to directly talk to your customer. In fact, it’s the most preferred method of communication across all demographics, followed by social media. The goal of the email is not just to send the email because we have to. We want emails to portray relevance, so that the customer can see themselves using that service or product and would want more information.

Gathering email addresses is only one part to the equation, but if we aren’t targeting their individual needs, emailing is a loss. The top reasons why people leave email lists include too many emails, irrelevant content, not mobile friendly and gearing emails toward sales. We combat these by practicing effective email marketing strategies.

1) Targeting your message

If you send your email to a person who’s outside your target market, the email may not be relevant to their needs. Take the time to find your customers’ desires and how your product or service can fit those desires and needs. As a marketer this should be the first thing you think about before creating a message and sending it out.

2) Keep the email simple

When people read through an email, they want to see the main point and get about their day. They don’t want to spend more than a couple minutes reading their email, otherwise your point won’t get across. Keep emails easy to read, putting the main point either in the subject line or within the first sentence, and make the content engaging.

3) Drive them back to your site

Don’t put all your information out on an email! Have them be directed back to your site so that if they’re interested they can find additional information. When we sent out an email blast for a client of ours who runs a youth sports organization, they saw an increase of 600 visitors to their website – those individuals were then able to learn more information about the league, sigh their child up to play, and more. Another email (to a different subscriber list) was sent out roughly 2 weeks later, which garnered similar results – somewhere around 600 recipients not only opened the email, but ALSO clicked through the email to the website. These page views don’t happen out of pure luck, they happen because the email prompted them to do so.

4) Make them visually appealing and branded

No one wants to look at typed words with some relevance to your subject line. Make the emails with graphics and colors tied back into your brand and what you do. Doing this allows you not to put out too much content and the user is able to grasp your message through a simple one minute read.

5) Send out different types of emails at different times

You don’t want to send out too many emails that aren’t relevant, or too little of emails that are somewhat relevant and lose the audience’s attention. In addition to that, you don’t want to send the same email over and over again. There are several different email types that you and your team can get creative with, including timely announcements, introductions, testing and segmentation, education and on-boarding, confirmation, win back and cross selling. Use the correct ones to capture your audience’s attention.

There isn’t any “right” way to do marketing (but there are wrong ways…trust us!), and emailing won’t be the only platform your team practices marketing efforts. It’s a process of trial and error, realizing when strategies work and when they don’t. You and your company have content to deliver and it’s up to you on which platforms you want to use to reach your demographic. Following these strategies, you and your team can format emails to best communicate your content.

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